Here’s Why The Trudeau Government’s Election ‘Safeguard’ Plan Is Actually A Serious Threat To Free Speech & Democracy

With ‘fake news’ as the excuse, the Trudeau Liberals are trying to use the power of government to control what opinions Canadians are allowed to see.

One thing many politicians believe is that a ‘crisis must never go to waste,’ and the Trudeau Liberals are applying that even to crises that are manufactured.

The establishment was never concerned with foreign interference or ‘fake news,’ until establishment politicians started losing and citizens started sharing their opinions on social media.

After all, real examples of foreign interference – like U.S. groups funded by billionaires interfering against the Conservatives in 2015 and against the Canadian energy industry – has still not been addressed by the government. The Trudeau Liberals seem just fine with it.

By contrast, the so-called ‘world-wide crisis’ of ‘fake news’ is being used as the perfect excuse for what the Trudeau Liberals and establishment elites always wanted to do: Suppress free speech, expand the power of government, and attempt to manipulate the Canadian people to only trust pro-Trudeau government sources.

In unveiling their ‘election safeguard plan,’ the Trudeau Liberals instead made it clear that they are a serious threat to free speech and democracy in Canada.

To get a sense of how messed up it is, consider this Tweet from Anthony Furey:

“I still can’t believe this is a real thing. The Liberals announced today they want to help the public “critically assess” editorials.”

If the photo is too small, here’s what it says:

“The Government will support skills development, awareness sessions, workshops and learning material for Canadians. These activities would help citizens to:

  • critically assess online news reporting and editorials;
  • recognize how and when malicious actors exploit online platforms; and,
  • acquire skills on how to avoid being susceptible to online manipulation.”

Furey is right to be concerned, and all Canadians should be deeply worried.

Think of how insane it is:

An editorial is an opinion piece. That opinion piece might be anti-government, or pro-government. So how the hell can we trust the government (which has an obvious bias towards the governing Liberals since the Liberals control it), to help Canadians ‘assess’ an editorial opinion?

Further, what business does the government have in doing that at all?

Canadians of voting age are adults, not children. We can make our own ‘critical assessments.’

In fact, the government is nothing more than another group of adults – with an incentive to stay in power. So why should we trust one group of biased adults to tell other adults what to think about opinions and news?

We shouldn’t, and the fact that the Liberals are trying to push this on the Canadian People shows their desperation to gain control over the information battlefield and use the power of the state to turn it in their favour.

We must stand against it, as our freedom of speech and democracy is at stake.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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And just how much money would this little Liberal exercise cost us? The Liberals using our money yet again, this time to brainwash us. Oh, brother! It never stops!

Mr Lahey

Whats the worst thing foreign influence can do? have us elect a PM who was a part time drama teacher, who will grow the economy from the heart out, so the budget can balance itself?

Moe. S.

Self-righteous Trudeau elite Liberals believe they are more morally superior, better educated, the gatekeepers of what’s considered fake news. I guess Trudeau’s censorship missed Jan 29th T.O. Sun article, “Fury Over Google Listing Khadr as Canadian Soldier.” Because of social media’s outrage, Jennifer Yap from Google tweeted the following, “thank you for bringing the matter to the attention of @googlecanada.” Omar Khadr was removed on the google search subject, “Canadian soldiers.” Fake news? Nope! Journalist Brad Hunter wrote the article.


Wow! The Trudeau Liberals are looking to establish their very own Ministry of Truth. For those who aren’t familiar with George Orwell’s Animal Farm and his later classic, 1984. Big Brother established this ministry to alter the truth and erase history to control the people, their thoughts and their behavior to fit Big Brother’s narrative. Orwell wrote these classics in 1944-45 to highlight his opposition to totalitarian regimes associated with communism and,of course, Hitler’s National Socialist party. This is getting very scarey. Never thought I would see this in my lifetime. God help us and God help Andrew Scheer and… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

I imagine a group of thinkers on the government payroll, sitting in think tank style coming up with another example of scheming of how to manipulate the people of Canada. How to control the population, how to alter conditions in favour of the LIEberals. Canadian taxes pay for a herd of underhanded planners who come up with divisive and sneaky plans to influence or cause submission of Canadians to fit the mold they imagine as beneficial to the existing government.


These Libs are extraordinarily dangerous to the freedom of Canadians.
This is not going to end well.


More of our free speech being destroyed. Are we becoming England, Germany or Sweden? The oppression by their governments is beyond reasonable. We cannot let that happen in Canada, we need a sensible government. The liberals must be voted out.

shawn harris

Since Trudeau is so keenly interested in protecting Canadian voters from fake news, then who will protect Canadians from a PM who is more interested in creating his own version of fake news by way of government funded newspapers and media. Surely, Trudeau is so tone deaf and self deceived,that he actually thinks, adults, those who are able to vote,need to be instructed and informed about what a opinion piece or editorial says. Just shows what he thinks of every singler Canadian voter, as a five year old child in need of being lead by the hand to vote for… Read more »