SILENT: Trudeau Libs Clam Up On Massive Raj Grewal Fundraiser Day After Criticizing Conservatives For FREE Event

Cat got your tongue?

The Trudeau Libs had a brutal self-own in the past few days, as their attempt to criticize the Conservatives backfired badly.

The Liberals tried attacking Andrew Scheer for what they called a ‘Cash-For-Access-Fundraiser,’ the same type of event the Liberals were previously slammed for holding.

Rich elites had been able to pay tons of money to get access to Trudeau – a disturbing example of the well-connected establishment seeking even more influence and control.

Yet, the Liberals struck out big time in their attempt to say the Conservatives were doing the same thing.

Because, as it turns out, the Conservative event was free.

Tough to have Cash-For-Access when the event doesn’t require cash.


But making things worse for the Libs, reports then emerged of a fundraiser for former Liberal MP Raj Grewal, who had a ton of gambling debt.

According to the National Post, the event was held in April 2018 by the Brampton East Liberal riding association. And it happened when Grewal was still in the Liberal Caucus.

The report says over 1,000 people attended the event, at a cost of $500 per person.

“The potential take of up to $600,000 — less costs and non-paying guests — would have far exceeded the riding’s spending limit of $100,000 for a minimum 37-day election campaign.”

Grewal has said he has repaid his gambling debts, and that he didn’t get money from the fundraiser. Yet, nobody seems to be saying what happened to the money that was raised.

So, you would think that – after demanding transparency from the Conservatives – the Liberals would be open and transparent about the Grewal fundraiser, right?


Instead, as the NP wrote, “The Liberal Party of Canada is refusing to release details of a fundraiser held by MP Raj Grewal that amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time Grewal was struggling with millions in gambling debts.”

Absolutely pathetic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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