It’s the second time in the last three months that the economy shrank.

Canada’s economy shrank in November, with GDP down 0.1%.

It’s the second time in three months that the economy has shrunk, yet another sign that the economy is weakening under Trudeau’s failed policies.

Retail spending fell 0.3%, while the energy industry was down 0.6%. Additionally, manufacturing fell by 0.5%.

That’s the third time in the last four months that manufacturing fell.

Future projections for economic growth keep getting revised lower, and with wages growing more slowly than inflation is rising, most Canadians – except for the elites – are getting poorer in real terms.

Trudeau’s excessive bureaucratic regulations and carbon tax hikes are having a devastating impact on Canadian families and Canadian businesses, destroying the confidence that is necessary for economic success and prosperity.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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