ELITIST ARROGANCE: Nenshi Slammed For “F350 Driving Cavemen” Remarks

Once again, an entitled politician shows total disrespect for the people who pay the bills.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi has once again reinforced his reputation as an arrogant, out-of-touch elitist.

Speaking at an event, Nenshi said the following:

“…what I am interested in is helping everyone in Canada understand that we here in Alberta are not just a bunch of F350 driving cavemen that we believe strongly in the environment, we believe strongly in the economy and we believe in financial and environment prosperity for all Canadians.”

Of course, the implication Nenshi is making driving an F350 makes someone a ‘caveman’ and is somehow a negative thing.

As you can imagine, Nenshi’s remarks did not go over well:

“Today, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said that not all Albertans are “F350 driving cavemen”. While I appreciate his mentioning a Ford product, I wonder if he is suggesting that some Albertans are cavemen? I think he is going to want a do over for that one.”

“Hey Nenshi!

Those “F350 driving cavemen” are driving tools of their trade in order to pay taxes to fund the salaries of asshole politicians such as yourself (among highest paid mayors in Canada).

Show some appreciation you prick.”

“I am staggered by the idea that driving a pickup truck equates anyone to being less than someone riding a bike. Mayor Nenshi needs to think before he speaks, this guy is a train wreck.”

“Nenshi; those “cavemen” provide you with 2 pensions, a paycheque, and build the projects you take selfies in front of.

Maybe you should thank them instead? But that requires humility.”

People are angry, and that anger is justified. What Nenshi and the other elitist politicians don’t seem to understand is that society would not be able to survive without workers – many of whom drive pickup trucks. Yet, society would function just fine – and probably thrive far more – without politicians like Nenshi.

Nenshi should be showing some gratitude, but instead shows condescension.

Seeing the growing backlash, Nenshi tried to provide context to his remarks, but it changed nothing:

Just like Trudeau and the other elites, Nenshi sees himself and the ruling class as above the People who actually work for a living and keep our society and economy functioning.

That arrogance must be rejected and defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab