Confirmation Bias: Far-Left Tries Making Up Fake Quote To Attack Kenney

This is what we can expect in both the Alberta and Federal Elections, with the establishment media and leftists making up lies in a desperate attempt to stay in power.

In the video below, you can clearly hear Jason Kenney say “uh, a 19-year-old,” in reference to an NDP candidate (the tweet was shared by the candidate Kenney referenced):

However, the far-left, utilizing confirmation bias, has attempted to twist the part where Kenney awkwardly says “uh, a 19-year-old,” into pretending he said “a gay 19-year-old.”

Because the left has constantly tried to demonize Kenney and Conservatives as discriminating against lgbt people, many leftists are primed to believe anything bad about Kenney, and are falling for the fake quote:

“There is something sick anout this. We wouldn’t accept this kind of sneering comment about race or gender from a senior political figure. Why would we accept it about sexual orientation ?”

“Jason Kenney () calling an NDP candidate “a gay 19 year old”, which draws laughter from his party, followed by “now don’t take it for granted, they elected a lot of them last time”.  Is this the people we want to vote for?”

The left has tried to spread the false interpretation of the quote, but some have pushed back:

“Why would we go out of our way to hear “gay” when it sounds much more like “a”? (I know Jason Kenney is evil incarnate and everything, but come on.”

Note how even the NDP candidate who first shared the video didn’t even bring up the idea of Kenney saying “a gay 19-year-old.” That only happened later, when the left saw a chance to spread a big lie.

This is what we can expect from the left and the establishment. With the NDP and Liberals terrified of losing their hold on power, they plan to simply make up lies, use confirmation bias, and throw every possible deception at their opponents.

Those of us committed to the truth must fight back.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Dave Smith

Agreed, these rats are desperate & the scourge will say or do anything to remain in power. Vote the disease out 2019. Shared.


Way to go sheepdogs – stand up and challenge the lies with the truth – the sheep will soon follow.

Robert Rice

The left seem to think they have a licence to say whatever they want. They either make things up, “miss interpenetrate”, outright lie, or demonize any one who will not agree with them. they will call us racist, un-Canadian for daring to have an opinion that does not agree with them. There is nothing that they will not do, nothing is too low for them to sink to, they believe that they are always right and no one has the right to oppose them.


Our foreign run puppet government is running on par with the demonrats in the USA, BUTT and the demonrats Obama team is here in Canada to try and finish Canadas foreign takeover and downfall. We must re unit the people of Canada, this is the most important ? fake election Canada has ever had, to stay a country. Make sure you vote carefully I do not know how the polls will be watched here, but the USA had a lot of fraud in their last election at the polls, they are still finding more. Alberta is not fooled by our… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

Only a sick mind could come up with this kind of fake news.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Sounded to me like he used the word “gay”. I listened 6 or more times. Kenney better be careful what he says publicly.

Judith Edwards

why is “gay” so different from “sewer rats”, Un Canadian”, “bigists” anti.Muslim, then there is Nuttley publishing lies of a new upgrader under construction near Edmonton. WOW the political field is FULL of insulting, lying, money grabbing politians…. Will Vote for KENNEY…