WATCH LIVE: U.S. President Donald Trump Delivers State Of The Union Address

It’s Trump’s first State of the Union Address since the Democrats won the House of Representatives.

You can watch Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

God bless President Trump! God bless America!


Trump is a President who Truly Loves his country, unlike the Inept, Corrupt Traitor that Canada has Pretending to run Canada, but hating Canadians. I was Happy for Americans during the State of the Union Address, but at the same time Very Angry and Jealous that Canada has Trudeau. We did NOT deserve such a Corrupt Traitor and this Idiot has to be Turfed ASAP! Canada will be DONE if he is voted in again, and this is NOT fear mongering, it is FACT!

alan skelhorne

i watched it last night lol. i cannot believe the democrats all dressed up in white, including the mouth cortez, standing ovation for president trump. lol. too darn funny i would say. however, the msm are saying thais is why the usa is divided because of president trump. my god what is wrong with these people.however, we in canada have the same thing with the propaganda machine for the liberals cbc. another joke in itself. lol.


I loved it when Trump said, we’re born free. We live free and in this nation, the United States of America, we will always be free. So you keep your Socialism and take it anywhere you want. But not here! I wonder if our socialist PM was listening?


I admire President Donald Trump for loving and protecting his citizens first.
Whereas the Democrats and Justin Trudeau will only support illegals and anyone who will disrupt their country(USA/CAN) rather than their own citizens, for the sake of more votes.