Why Has The Trudeau Government Treated Omar Khadr Better Than Vice-Admiral Mark Norman?

The Liberals appear to be doing everything possible to deny Mark Norman his rights, but bent over backwards to make sure Omar Khadr got his big payday at taxpayer expense.

The treatment of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman has been a disgrace.

The Trudeau government has done everything possible to deny Norman – who has spent years serving our nation – his right to a true defence.

The withholding of documents, the dishonesty, and the refusal to be honest with Canadians has been seen throughout this disgraceful period, as the Trudeau Liberals appear terrified of having all the facts emerge.

Contrast that with how they treated Omar Khadr.

They bent over backwards to get him his huge payday, sped up the payment so the widow of the man he killed couldn’t stop the payment, and refused to even fight him in court.

It’s a point made well by @Manny_Ottawa:

“Canada under Trudeau: Omar Khadr self-admitted murderer joins jihadists gets $10.5M speedy secret payment & apology by PM. Admiral Norman serves Canada 38 yrs gets obstructed by Trudeau Cabinet and PMO and indue delay to prove his innocence. I weep for this great country 🇨🇦


The hypocrisy from the Trudeau government is absolutely sickening. They’ve treated Norman like garbage, while treating Khadr like a king.

At this point, there is no possible for justification for this. The Liberals are now acting out of what appears to be pure malice and political intimidation, seeking to punish anyone who would question them and using the machinery of the state to withhold rights from those who go against what the Liberals demand.

And every Canadian needs to stop and think: If the Liberals can treat a Vice-Admiral this way, what would they be willing to do to the rest of us?

Spencer Fernando

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