Why Has The Trudeau Government Treated Omar Khadr Better Than Vice-Admiral Mark Norman?

The Liberals appear to be doing everything possible to deny Mark Norman his rights, but bent over backwards to make sure Omar Khadr got his big payday at taxpayer expense.

The treatment of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman has been a disgrace.

The Trudeau government has done everything possible to deny Norman – who has spent years serving our nation – his right to a true defence.

The withholding of documents, the dishonesty, and the refusal to be honest with Canadians has been seen throughout this disgraceful period, as the Trudeau Liberals appear terrified of having all the facts emerge.

Contrast that with how they treated Omar Khadr.

They bent over backwards to get him his huge payday, sped up the payment so the widow of the man he killed couldn’t stop the payment, and refused to even fight him in court.

It’s a point made well by @Manny_Ottawa:

“Canada under Trudeau: Omar Khadr self-admitted murderer joins jihadists gets $10.5M speedy secret payment & apology by PM. Admiral Norman serves Canada 38 yrs gets obstructed by Trudeau Cabinet and PMO and indue delay to prove his innocence. I weep for this great country 🇨🇦


The hypocrisy from the Trudeau government is absolutely sickening. They’ve treated Norman like garbage, while treating Khadr like a king.

At this point, there is no possible for justification for this. The Liberals are now acting out of what appears to be pure malice and political intimidation, seeking to punish anyone who would question them and using the machinery of the state to withhold rights from those who go against what the Liberals demand.

And every Canadian needs to stop and think: If the Liberals can treat a Vice-Admiral this way, what would they be willing to do to the rest of us?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Weep….and now VOTE!!!


Yes and 2019 will see him back with a minority govt. Canadians obviously havent suffered enough yet to rise them to rid ourselves of this socialist destroyer of Canada.


Sadly, the future of Canada rests solely with Ontario and Quebec. If trudeau and his virtue signalling goon squads get back in, then the rest of Canada will very seriously need to secede and create their own country. It is either that, or literally give up their sovereignty.


Endless money behind Corruption !


When these things become secretive, you suspect that our illicit foreign government is further corrupting our countries laws, we are well aware of their disrespect to our nation. In a way you can compare us to Venezuela. we have an authoritarian government with a bought out mostly media, very slanted, the secretive government not admitting the truth, our energy systems oil gas electric being bought out and greatly causing more debt for Canadians, taxes out of control, while telling us unbelievable outright fairy tales and lies, with pie in the sky future stories about how great this all is going… Read more »


And what I should have added to this is our foreign run illicit government needs to be taken down, just like Venezuelas (controlled by Cuba, Russia and China, who have a lot of money invested in Maduro and his gang of thugs, and bought out media, have basically taken control but do not like the Venezuelan people, like here) now they are trying to get their wrecked country back, with a demonized “interloper” fighting now over their military. We have a developing problem similar to this, not as bad yet. …

Don Taylor

Trudeau and his govt are the true Traitors to Canada,remember this on election day


Norman is a man of integrity, discipline and honor.
Trudeau’s, Lies justify his Lies and when he has nothing he makes up anything to fit his narrative and he has No principals. No morals. No ethics.… He is an absolutely pathetic PM!


I’ve been weeping for our beloved Canada since 2015. I can’t even recognize our country anymore.

Dave Allsopp

Trudeau is treating Norman like garbage because he has the evidence that reveals the utter corruption in the Trudeau version of Liberals in the halls of parliament! How Trudeau and his smarmy crew treat Norman is a signal to MSM to do the same.
If the truth comes out in MSM there will be questions in many other areas of government involvement!

William Roberts

This is a total disgrace the way this Libtard Government is treating this highly decorated Admiral. Drama Boy just like his old man always had distain for the Military so its not surprising. The Libtards are famous for coverups and this will be no exception. Only problem is they have met their match with this Admiral and he could almost single handedly bring down this corrupt Government. Theres a reason why Scott Bryson retired and I’m pretty sure there is a connection here.They’ll have to do their best to keep it under wraps til after the next election . This… Read more »


My Lord and saviour tells me not to hate.The despicable low down traitorous trudope lied to the citizens when taking the oath of office to protect this country. I hope that even the lowest of the low libtard sees the light.(doubt it)Seems know way to stop this libtards spending spree.Even with a majority government there has to be stop gap measures before bankrupting this country. When the conservatives take over I sincerely hope they revamp the whole government for times such as what’s going on now.It’s hard to believe every libtard MP is in lockstep with non caring globalist socialist… Read more »

pancake rachel corrie

just sick puppies in government

Arie Intveld

Welcome to the Socialist Federation of Canada, Tovarishch! The State Ministry of Truth (with oversight from Unifor’s Jerry Dias) will provide the Canadian proletariat the truth about Vice-Admiral Mark Norman.

Millie Woods

Trudeau is a misguided egocentric little puke. But even that doesn’t fully explain why he thinks more of a waste of oxygen like Khadr than a upstanding man who served his country faithfully for most of his life. A population that elects these kind of people has lost touch with its soul and the ideals that made it a country to begin with.


Why don’t All Canadians see That Trudeau is comply against all Canadians and doing his best to ruin Canada? If anyone votes for him they are really BLIND.

Karen Anderson

Canada needs to wake up to see what and who Trudeau is. God help us if he get’s back in !!!