CLUELESS ELITIST: Trust Fund Trudeau Thinks Low-Income Families “Don’t Pay Taxes”

Trudeau confirms once again that he’s the most out-of-touch PM in modern history.

Justin Trudeau was born into wealth and privilege, and as a result, he can’t relate or identify with the life experience of most Canadians.

That’s why he’s pushing a carbon tax that will make everything more expensive, and hurt Canadian workers and families the most.

Trudeau knows the wealthy and powerful won’t be impacted by the carbon tax, and he gave exemptions to some of the biggest corporations in the country, meaning they’ll just pay a fraction of the carbon tax while regular Canadians pay the full cost.

And now, Trudeau has shown exactly how out of touch he is, with his recent absurd claim in Question period:


Trudeau is totally wrong here, and anyone with even a shred of common sense knows how off base he is.

Low-income people pay tons of taxes, at both the federal and provincial level. Everyone pays the sales tax, and everyone will pay the cost of the carbon tax going up.

Additionally, the burden of higher taxes pushes many people who were once in the middle class into the low-income category, something that Trudeau always ignores.

There are certainly instances of wealthy politicians who understand how to create opportunity for everyone. Lower taxes and more economic growth helps create broadly shared prosperity, and how wealthy someone is doesn’t impact whether they understand that or not.

But in Trudeau’s case, he has no understanding of that fact. He implements policies that help people like him and his rich elitist buddies. After all, why has no action been taken to close the offshore cayman island accounts the elites use to dodge their fair share of taxes?

Trudeau imposes policies that hurt Canadian workers and Canadian families, and his clueless comments on who pays taxes shows that he simply doesn’t understand or care about the damage he’s doing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Andrew Lynch

Justin Trudeau is the most dangerous man in Canada


He never ceases to amaze Canadians as to just how disconnected he is from reality. Almost half of the average family’s income is taken away in taxes for one reason or another. That includes those at the poverty level and those on welfare. Everyone except the elite of the elite ( Trudeau and Morneau ) pay taxes. My God he is stunned.

William Roberts

So Drama Boy likes to give you a dollar with one hand and take two with the other. Classic bait a switch. If he was educated he would know that people aren’t as stupid as he thinks. Well the average person. There are the acceptations their called Liberals.


Do you know the laws/bi-laws from community to community or province to province?
I have no idea, they change so often.
And all other countries are worse…