PRIORITIES: While Canada’s Affordable Housing Crisis Worsens, Justin Trudeau Gives Millions To Venezuela

Canada has a growing need for affordable housing, and many Canadian cities are increasingly too expensive for Canadian citizens, yet Trudeau (with the support of much of the political class) keeps giving our money away.

Canada is facing an escalating housing crisis.

Many low-income Canadians are unable to afford good housing, and money flowing into some of Canada’s largest cities from foreign elites is making the housing market unaffordable for many Canadian citizens.

Rents are surging across Canada, and the burden of household debt has made our economy dangerously fragile.

The elites seem fine with Canada’s cities becoming getaway’s for the richest of the rich around the world, even at the expense of Canadian citizens.

And nowhere is that elitism more obvious than in the fact that – while Canadians on reserves and in our cities are increasingly struggling to have quality housing – the Trudeau government is giving away tons of our money to foreign countries and institutions.

In just the latest example, the Trudeau government recently announced that $53 million taxpayer dollars would be given to Venezuela and organizations helping in the region.

And unfortunately, the Conservatives had pushed for foreign aid to be given for Venezuela as well, showing that the political class is often united on giving our money away.

Canadians across the political spectrum need to come together and demand that our politicians start putting the needs of our own citizens first. As long as Canadians are living poverty, as long as Canadians can’t afford quality housing, and as long as millions of our citizens are locked out of sharing in our prosperity, then it is simply unacceptable for even a dollar of taxpayers money to given away.

Spencer Fernando


Because Justin Trudeau is bailing out the establishment media with $600 million taxpayer dollars, independent Canadian voices like Spencer Fernando are more important than ever before. You can support Spencer Fernando with a monthly contribution through Patreon or by contributing through PayPal at the button below:

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Couldn’t agree more Spencer! It is also crazy as we are “borrowing” that money he/we give away since we are massively in debt and running a huge deficit. Do ordinary, struggling Canadians max out their credit cards that they can’t afford to pay off so that they can give to a charity? The intention is nice but is crazy as you will soon find yourself homeless. With this government and unfortunately most others, they treat us like a piggy bank and just hike our taxes to fund their reckless, out of control spending.


Agree Spencer, our tax rates could go way down, our huge debt could be paid down, if our governments were not borrowing so much money to give away to other countries and special interest groups – our tax dollars should not be used this way but used for Canadians. Most everyone knows that a lot of charities spend most of their money to make the people running them very well off, instead of actually helping what they are collecting money for. Never mind that our government is using more borrowed money at future taxpayers expense that our Feds are giving… Read more »

Ben Eby

When people understand the real Trudeau/Butts agenda, which is the socialization of Canada, then they will understand why the Trudea/Butts thugs are working hard at weakening Canadian society, through damaging policies, of which destroying home ownership is a big element. It is amazing how fearful Liberal cabinet ministers and back benchers are of saying anything to publicly condemn such actions…..of course they are there to protect their own well being first and shamefully…..the Canadian society is a distant second.


When I was young I could not afford quality housing. I moved from a small town to Toronto, and had to live in a very small one bedroom apartment. It was depressing. I gave myself alot of self pity. I decided to advanced my education and obtained a better paying job. The quality housing I thought I deserved suddenly became afordable. To take away incentive to better ourself,…..(the mentally and physically handicap excepted) should never be taken away, or suppressed, as we all will pay a huge price for removing this option.

Liba Cunnings

Maybe helping Venezuela isn’t all that bad. It is better and cheaper to help them there and keep them there, than bringing them all to Canada in yet another wave of illegals


This is absolutely disgusting and ridiculous we Canadian taxpayers can not afford all of this spending in other Countries we have people going hungry and are homeless here. Trudeau and his corrupt government are pathetic, hurting our country to get a head in Trudeau’s political agenda NWO and to get a seat at the UN while weakened our economy even more. Canadian is not the UN of the world and it has to stop. Canadian citizens need to demand a referendum, before Trudeau Bankrupt and destroys Canada. How stupid is Trudeau is, to give our hard earned taxes to a… Read more »

Ana Gomes

Trudy works to impress the UN where plum jobs can be found if you keep oiling the wills of corruption.
He was working for globalization, as all informed people know and know what it really means.

Ana Gomes

Please correct my typo: if you keep oiling the Wheels of Corruption….( and the wills too,I guess.)