PRIORITIES: While Canada’s Affordable Housing Crisis Worsens, Justin Trudeau Gives Millions To Venezuela

Canada has a growing need for affordable housing, and many Canadian cities are increasingly too expensive for Canadian citizens, yet Trudeau (with the support of much of the political class) keeps giving our money away.

Canada is facing an escalating housing crisis.

Many low-income Canadians are unable to afford good housing, and money flowing into some of Canada’s largest cities from foreign elites is making the housing market unaffordable for many Canadian citizens.

Rents are surging across Canada, and the burden of household debt has made our economy dangerously fragile.

The elites seem fine with Canada’s cities becoming getaway’s for the richest of the rich around the world, even at the expense of Canadian citizens.

And nowhere is that elitism more obvious than in the fact that – while Canadians on reserves and in our cities are increasingly struggling to have quality housing – the Trudeau government is giving away tons of our money to foreign countries and institutions.

In just the latest example, the Trudeau government recently announced that $53 million taxpayer dollars would be given to Venezuela and organizations helping in the region.

And unfortunately, the Conservatives had pushed for foreign aid to be given for Venezuela as well, showing that the political class is often united on giving our money away.

Canadians across the political spectrum need to come together and demand that our politicians start putting the needs of our own citizens first. As long as Canadians are living poverty, as long as Canadians can’t afford quality housing, and as long as millions of our citizens are locked out of sharing in our prosperity, then it is simply unacceptable for even a dollar of taxpayers money to given away.

Spencer Fernando


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