WATCH: Poilievre Slams “Appalling Arrogance” Of “Millionaire Trust Fund Baby” Trudeau Saying Working Poor “Don’t Pay Taxes”

Conservative Finance Critic points out that people way below the poverty line pay tons of taxes.

In Question Period, Pierre Poilievre was criticizing Trudeau for having gotten rid of tons of tax breaks that helped low-income Canadians.

The Liberals cancelled programs that helped families afford public transit and sports for their kids.

In response to the criticism, Trudeau made the absurd claim that low-income families “don’t pay taxes.”

After Trudeau’s crazy remarks, Poilievre slammed Trudeau as a “millionaire trust fund baby” who was showing “appalling ignorance” for his claims about low-come families.

You can watch the exchange below:

“Wake up Prime Minister. Low income people do pay taxes: GST, gas taxes, payroll taxes, and even income taxes.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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I’m starting to think I’d like to see Pierre Poilievre as Prime Minister. He nails Trudeau every time.

Eric Blair

I have had the same thoughts myself plus he would be someone from Ontario as PM, something that hasn’t happened since Pearson or to put in hockey terms since the Leafs last won the cup.


The Conservatives do have a very strong team.


I have paid taxes my whole life and by no means am I rich. I don’t know where Trudeau gets his information from but I can tell you that I, as many others have not gone through life tax free. If he is talking about income tax he should word his arguments differently. Even low income people pay taxes on fuel, heating, hydro, clothing even some food items. Yes Mr Trudeau low income families certainly do pay taxes.

Don Taylor

Turdeau the millionaire trust fund baby thinks the poor don’t pay taxes,he is so ignorant it boggles the mind that this Dimwit is a PM,the biggest mistake in Canadian history

Dave Bainard

FFS. Even dishware beer and hogswill whiskey have taxes on it..


I just love watching Pierre Poilievre as he puts the arrogant and clueless trust fund baby in his place. Such stunning arrogance and stupidity from our “leader”. I wish Poilievre was the leader for the CPC as he really gives it to that incompetent clown, but regardless will of course vote for Scheer and the CPC. I think it would be a huge mistake to vote for Bernier and risk splitting the conservative vote, as one more term for Trudeau could very well bankrupt our Nation. It is also not a stretch to see us turning into another Venezuela as… Read more »


The village idiot we call PM currently in Canada is so embarrassing. Trudeau is so ignorant, it should be a disqualification to even be PM, let alone be a public servant.



Moe. S.

Another of Trudeau’s mouth getting ahead of his brain moments. All those poor people Trudeau claims don’t pay taxes should demand a REFUND of taxes paid to the Canada Revenue Agency. Including interest. lol.


When Trudeau can’t answer a question, he just opens his mouth and makes up whatever comes to mind.

Dennis Martens

It’s time we all get the word out,we must get the liberals out of office,not everyone in Canada bhas a computer,spread the word trudeau must go,we get tax on tax and still trudeau gives terrorist countries our tax payers money,we must keep our money in canada

Sharon Stone

I get about 800.00/mo in pensions and am charged a flat 15% tax. Revenue Canada is withholding my tax refunds from 2015 onward due to the fact that I filed on an what they call an “incorrect” form. Since I live in Mexico (and am an American citizen) they have deemed me a “factual resident” of Canada and thus cannot file on the non-resident form anymore. This means they get to collect more tax from me. I must be rich since they keep looking for tax money to get from me. Oh, I also do not qualify for GST refunds,… Read more »