Listen Closely: Justin Trudeau’s ‘Denial’ Of Bombshell Corruption Report Has A Big Loophole

Take notice of how Trudeau sticks so closely to that one specific line.

Justin Trudeau is denying the bombshell Globe & Mail report alleging that he told the Justice Minister to stop the investigation into SNC-Lavalin.

But take a very close look at exactly how he answered it:

First, Trudeau is asked if he “directed” the Justice Minister to interfere in the case.

He says neither he, nor his office “directed” anyone.

Then, he is asked a different question.

He is asked if attempted to “influence” the Justice Minister to interfere.

He doesn’t directly answer.

Instead, he repeats his earlier answer, saying he didn’t “direct” any interference.

That is very notable.

Trudeau and the PMO are already clearly sticking to pre-written, legalese talking points. He’s denying a very specific question, and only repeating that denial over and over again.

That tells us something. It tells us Justin Trudeau and the PMO are afraid.

They look like they have something to hide from the Canadian People.

You can watch Trudeau’s evasive answer below:

“Did anyone in the PMO *direct* JWR to drop investigation into SNC? Trudeau says no. But he sidesteps question if there was any attempt to “influence.”

Canadians deserve answers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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If there was any justice in this country Trudeau, Butts, and most of the LPC would have been arrested by now. Can’t help but wonder if he “wins” next election that he will declare himself leader for life and for us to address him as “Dear Leader”.

Don Taylor

when Turdeau starts eh and ehing you know that he is as guilty as sin,they will go through this corruption with a fine tooth comb,he will have to explain why he fired the justice minister

Major Tom

Because he worships the father of all lies…..the truth is not in him…..Not to be trusted…..Spencer….keep up the great work!

peter black

He’s a lier. His face gives iy away and how his eyes wander

D Met

He’s a liar. Full stop!


I pray that this is the final nail in his coffin.