Former SNC-Lavalin CEO Listed As Past Donor To Trudeau Foundation

Expect any links between Trudeau and SNC-Lavalin to get far more scrutiny.

With the bombshell report of potential Trudeau PMO interference in the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin, expect more scrutiny of Justin Trudeau’s connections to the elitist ruling class in this country – including SNC-Lavalin.

Now, some are pointing out that Guy Saint-Pierre is listed as a past ‘Mentor’ of the Trudeau foundation, and is also listed as a donor in the 2015-2016 annual report.

Guy Saint-Pierre was a member of the Quebec National Assembly between 1970 and 1976 for the Liberals in the province.

Between 1989 and 2002, he was with SNC-Lavalin. He was president and CEO. In 1996 he was Chairman of the board.

There is of course nothing illegal about Guy Saint-Pierre making a donation to the Trudeau Foundation. That’s his right as a free, private citizen. In fact, Saint-Pierre seems like he made some good contributions to Canada, including serving in the army as part of the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers.

That said, many will look at this and see how there is seemingly a revolving door between politics, powerful corporations, and foundations that have political influence, which then gets translated into potential impacts on the fortunes of those same big, well-connected corporations.

Justin Trudeau came to power acting as if he was going to ‘fix’ a system that many people felt was skewed against the Canadian People and toward the elites.

Instead, Trudeau has shown himself to be just a new, more marketable face on the same elitist political and corporate class.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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He isn’t just protecting donors. He is protecting the shareholders because they are this government’s financial partners in their global ‘infrastructure’ misadvensures.