Response To PMO Scandal Shows Attorney General David Lametti Is A Trudeau Stooge

With Jody Wilson-Raybould out of the way, the new Attorney General seems to be working for Trudeau, instead of the Canadian People.

It looks like Justin Trudeau got what he wanted: An Attorney General who is his stooge.

By getting rid of Jody Wilson-Raybould – who appears to be an independent thinker – Justin Trudeau now has an Attorney General – David Lametti – who is docile, compliant, and willing to do what Trudeau wants.

Here’s what Lametti said about what could be the biggest scandal in modern Canadian political history:

“All we’ve heard are allegations in a newspaper. The prime minister has said that these allegations are false. We haven’t had any corroborating evidence there. There hasn’t been anything to my mind that justifies a committee investigation.”

Of course, the entire point of an investigation would be to see if there are merits to the claims against the PMO.

Lametti is supposed to be working for the Canadian People, not the Trudeau government, but he’s clearly decided to act like a Trudeau stooge and run interference for the PMO to stall and avoid any investigation.

This is why this scandal is about more than just this one issue. It’s also about whether we are a country where the PM and the government are subject to the rule of law.

If a stooge for the PM is allowed to be Attorney General and use the system to cover for the government, then our entire justice system is corrupted beyond repair.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

as soon as I heard this stooge speak,I knew he is in Turdeau’s Pocket, this is time for Jody Rebauld to speak out to let the Canadian people know the truth


As we keep saying without laws there is no country, no protection, no borders, no equality, huge debt cause there is no law only corrupt LIEberals who have have flouted almost all of Canada’s laws. We see what is happening, illegal government, illegal actions, but they sure have laws to collect our money in more and more taxes. Also the carbon tax court case with the province of Saskatchewan is now starting with support from Alberta’s Conservatives, New Brunswick, and Ontario(who also have a separate court case coming) and our justice in Canada is being decided by the LIEberals, acting… Read more »


I really can’t help but feel that our entire justice system is corrupted beyond repair. Isn’t this how dictatorships/socialist utopias start?


Yes you are correct. It is one way to create a dictatorship, which JT has stated many time he admires. The other is via armed revolution. The only difference is visable carnage.


We all need to join the Canadian People’s Union. It is the only legal way to remove This liberal government asap. You don’t have to march in protest, you just need to read, sign and share.

Beverley Campbell

Perhaps another time, right now it is imperative that the vote against the Lieberals must not be split.

Major Tom

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!


Trudeau bypassed the Court system when he awarded Khadr $10,5 million, at night, under the table and out of sight. He the expedited getting that reward cheque into a bank so that it couldn’t be accessed by the family of the American soldier he killed. Trudeau truly feels laws don’t apply to him, and it is absolutely chocking to see time after time, the contempt he has for Parliament, Canada, Canadians and the Criminal Code.

Ken (Kulak)

The fix is in.


How about some obstruction of justie charges fir this clown too!


then do something about it get the RCMP involved

David MacKAY

When Justin Trudeau compeled any Liberal MP Candidate to sign as apprving of all form of abortion in order to be allowed to run for office – Justin Trudeau seriously commenced Liberal Party Mind control. Once Justin had them sign he knew he could order them to agree to anything. This is dictator Trudeau so admires – Himself. This is the amoral monster that Jordan Peter so detests as the leader of Canada. It should be no surprise then that any Trudeau appointee will be a baldfaced lying stooge be it the head of the RCMP, The Attorney General or… Read more »

Don Taylor

lametti being appointed by the SOB Trudeau shows just how corrupt this govt really is


The entire liberal mps are stooges ‘do as you are told; think as you told; say and repeat the script over and over.
If Jody Wilson Raybould does not act quickly to defend herself and canada, she made her bed with the liberals and can’t save her credibility. She better be careful or else she is done. No buts.

shawn harris

Trudeau and the Liberals just don’t get it,Parliamentarians and the Prime Minister are elected to serve Canada and Canadians, not themselves. And just because, by accident of birth our PM is from Quebec doesn’t mean that our laws, which apply to all Canadians, don’t apply to him or his Liberal party. With this enormous legal scandal, it clearly demonstrates two things, first Trudeau , his Liberal party are above the law and are considered to be above the law and secondly that what Macleans wrote about Quebec are very true. Quebec is the most corrupt province in Canada and SNC… Read more »

Rick Newcombe

This whole kerfuffle is about serving the needs of Quebec. 9000 jobs lost if SNC goes down. 180,000 jobs lost in Alberta due to Liberal ineptness in handling national infrastructure needs… Any questions?