Response To PMO Scandal Shows Attorney General David Lametti Is A Trudeau Stooge

With Jody Wilson-Raybould out of the way, the new Attorney General seems to be working for Trudeau, instead of the Canadian People.

It looks like Justin Trudeau got what he wanted: An Attorney General who is his stooge.

By getting rid of Jody Wilson-Raybould – who appears to be an independent thinker – Justin Trudeau now has an Attorney General – David Lametti – who is docile, compliant, and willing to do what Trudeau wants.

Here’s what Lametti said about what could be the biggest scandal in modern Canadian political history:

“All we’ve heard are allegations in a newspaper. The prime minister has said that these allegations are false. We haven’t had any corroborating evidence there. There hasn’t been anything to my mind that justifies a committee investigation.”

Of course, the entire point of an investigation would be to see if there are merits to the claims against the PMO.

Lametti is supposed to be working for the Canadian People, not the Trudeau government, but he’s clearly decided to act like a Trudeau stooge and run interference for the PMO to stall and avoid any investigation.

This is why this scandal is about more than just this one issue. It’s also about whether we are a country where the PM and the government are subject to the rule of law.

If a stooge for the PM is allowed to be Attorney General and use the system to cover for the government, then our entire justice system is corrupted beyond repair.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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