Why Does ‘Feminist’ Trudeau Keep Speaking For Jody Wilson-Raybould Instead Of Letting Her Speak For Herself?

Justin Trudeau could easily waive the privilege preventing Wilson-Raybould from speaking. Instead, he’s telling the world what she’s supposedly saying to him.

As we’ve all seen, Justin Trudeau loves to call himself a ‘feminist,’ as a way of branding himself for political gain.

Yet, he only seem supportive of women in powerful positions when they’re doing his bidding.

And now, he’s refusing to use his authority as Prime Minister to lift the solicitor-client privilege blocking Jody Wilson-Raybould from speaking on the escalating PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal.

But that’s not stopping him from speaking for her, a point made by Charles Adler:

“Someone needs to tell the “Feminist PM” that a woman does not need him to speak for her. She can speak for herself the moment he removes her muzzle.”

In a ‘conveniently timed’ revelation, Trudeau claims that he ‘remembers’ Jody Wilson-Raybould telling him about a conversation they supposedly had, where he supposedly told her that the decision on prosecution of SNC-Lavalin was ‘hers to make’ and hers alone.

“SNC-Lavalin case: PM Trudeau says he’s met w/ Jody Wilson-Raybould on current B.C. trip; says “she confirmed for me a conversation we had this fall, where I told her directly that any decisions on matters involving the director of public prosecutions were hers alone…””


What Trudeau is doing here is putting words in Wilson-Raybould’s mouth, words that just so happen to match with is version of events.

Yet, if Trudeau is so confident that he did the right thing, then why isn’t he waiving privilege and letting Wilson-Raybould speak for herself?

Why isn’t he supporting a full investigation into his office?

Why is his government blocking an investigation by MPs?

Clearly, ‘Feminist’ Trudeau is totally willing to throw a woman under the bus to salvage his own political career and power.

Because it’s 2019.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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D Met

Liar liar pants on fire! Methinks he doth protest too much. If he has nothing to hide let him lift the client-solicitor privilege. Canadians don’t want him speaking on behalf of Wilson-Raybould – she can speak for herself.

S Willis

Perpetual LIAR and fake feminist, shortpants Trudeau needs to let Jody Wilson-Raybould speak for herself. Despot Trudeau would NEVER allow her to make an independent decision about SNC-Lavalin, that is a no brainer!! I will bet that his “I gave her no direction” conversation went something like this: ‘These are your choices, do what I tell you or else suffer the repercussions…its YOUR DECISION.’ Trudeau’s quote about Rose Knight can easily be applied here – surprised that he has not dusted it off: ” …In terms of my recollection there was no untoward or inappropriate action but she was in… Read more »

Don Mustill

Trudeau’s latest update was that he met twice with Wilson-Raybould in the past day or two – once for 30 minutes and again for 45 minutes. He made a curious statement, saying that SHE reminded HIM that back in the fall, he stressed that it was her decision to make – and hers alone. Why would a PM tell their Justice Minister that? As Justice Minister, she would surely know that. It seems more likely that Wilson-Raybould REMINDED him in the context that he KNEW there was a lot of pressure being applied to her. That’s the only scenario that… Read more »

C Thompson

“We would really like you to consider helping SNC out, and in turn helping us Liberals and our party out, but any decision is ultimately yours {wink wink}” Is that how the conversation went?

Don Taylor

Turdeau I s a lying POS and he knows it,he is to much of a rat to let her speak,he is afraid of the fallout which he is responsible for

peter black

Once again Trudope proves he is a little rich kid POS with no ethics, morals, integrity, honesty.

Brian Dougan

Imagine the dirt on this “feminist” clown that hasn’t seen the light of day. Probably enough to sink a ship. Justine needs a heavy dose of real justice.


She would be unable to expose any wrong doings anyway if she did talk. She was in effect the governments lawyer and bout to her client/lawyer confidentiality.