REPORT: Jody Wilson-Raybould Hires Former Supreme Court Justice To Advise Her On SNC-Lavalin Trudeau PMO Scandal

In her resignation letter, Wilson-Raybould said she’s seeking advice on what she can say.

Following her shocking resignation from the Trudeau cabinet, Jody Wilson-Raybould has hired former Supreme Court Justice Thomas Albert Cromwell.

In her statement, Wilson-Raybould said the following:

“I am aware that many Canadians wish for me [to] speak on matters that have been in the media over the last week. I am in the process of obtaining advice on the topics that I am legally permitted to discuss in this matter and as such, have retained the Honourable Thomas Cromwell, CC as counsel.”

Between 2008 and 2016, Cromwell was a Supreme Court Justice.

This shows that Wilson-Raybould wants to tell Canadians the truth about what happened, and is seeking to make sure she can do that without facing legal jeopardy from the Trudeau-PMO that refuses to let her speak about it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Ray Decorby

What a great day. Happy dance!!

peter black

I hope she blows the whistle so hard that Trudope Betts and Telford get packed off to China which is the country they love so much. Go for the jugular Jody. We fed up real Canadians are behind you 1000%


Kudos to Jody!! Even when Trudeau used her and abused her as he threw her under the bus, Jody show class and integrity!! My heart goes out to her as I know how “bosses’ can mess one around!! She is hurt and embarrassed, but she is a lady and will not seek revenge only the truth!! Now, Jody, please sink Trudeau — you can speak up now!! And to the chiefs and other Aboriginals playing the race card and have an agenda? Disgusting that the chiefs would bring race and sexism into it!! Why would “race” have anything to do… Read more »


Good for her! At least we now know that there was one Liberal cabinet minister who cared more about what the Canadian people thought than about what the U.N. thought. Someone please pass the smelling salts! I think I’m going to faint!


We need people of principle in power, willing to uphold the law and not defend the party line. The only free speech liberals allow is free speech they agree with.

Messianic Jew

WOW, Well boys and girls, if she felt that she had to do that, it is truly a scathing indictment of the utterly corrupt fascist Trudeau goon squad. If all was above board, she would have simply, honestly and in a straightforward manner said that the portfolio did not suit her mind set nor her skill sets and all would be well(?) Certainly a hell of a lot better that it is now. This speaks volumes (a huge book) about how truly dangerous and dictatorial and manipulative trudeau and his ilk are.

Ralph Knapp

If the Boy really cared about the Liberal Party, he would resign immediately so the party could appoint Jody Wilson Raybould as Leader and Prime Minister.

Dave Allsopp

The fact that Wilson-Raybould resigned from cabinet should be telling enough on this matter. It would seem that by announcing her retaining of counsel, she is giving Trudeau the opportunity to come clean now. After that? If Trudeau’s legal counsel to date is evidenced in his actions and charges of unethical behaviour, he doesn’t have a hope in hell of winning anything against Wilson-Raybould in concert with the Honourable Justice Cromwell. Further Cromwell likely has a lot of experience with SNC-Lavalin and Liberal policies on such matters. Trudeau would do well, Butts would do well to tell the truth…now. The… Read more »


I sure hope this happens, and also the feds interference in Vice Admiral Normans trial as well. Also after Lieberals hid this new white collar law in the 546 page finance papers instead of in the legal dept. so everyone did not know about it and they hurriedly forced that through with their majority even though most mp’s did not know what it contained first, then they had SYC Lavalin (probably spelt wrong by me) court case, held up so the law could be passed after all of Syc Lavalin 117? lobying stints and money would be successful and without… Read more »

Don Taylor

Turdeau is fully aware of every thing about this scandal and he is afraid that he will get dumped


Eventually Jody will be speaking out on the SNC matter and we will all be privy to Trudeau’s back stabbing lies.