SNC-Lavalin Could Face New Criminal Charges

More trouble for the company at the centre of the Trudeau PMO scandal.

SNC-Lavalin, the company facing serious potential federal charges, is also facing potential charges in Quebec.

According to the CP, “Quebec prosecutors are working with the RCMP on the possibility of new criminal charges against SNC-Lavalin tied to a contract to refurbish Montreal’s Jacques Cartier Bridge, court documents show. In December, Quebec court approved a request by prosecutors to retain until June thousands of documents seized by the RCMP in connection with an investigation that drew on more than two dozen witnesses.”

The case is related to events over a decade ago, with what the RCMP says is a ‘bribery scheme’ related to the Jacques Cartier Bridge contract.

In 2017, a government official – Michael Fornier – pled guilty to accepting ‘payments’ of $2.3 million from SNC-Lavalin.

The company has a long history of corruption problems:

“A former CEO, Pierre Duhaime, is serving 20 months of house arrest after pleading guilty Feb. 1 to a single charge in connection with a bribery scandal around the construction of a $1.3-billion Montreal hospital. Yanai Elbaz, a former McGill University Health Centre senior manager, pleaded guilty in December to accepting a bribe and was sentenced to 39 months in prison. Former SNC-Lavalin executive Riadh Ben Aissa pleaded guilty to a charge of using forged documents last July and was sentenced to 51 months in prison.”

The current allegations – in relation to the bridge bribery – against SNC-Lavalin have not been proven in court and there are no current charges for those allegations.

Trudeau and the PMO are now facing the biggest scandal of their time in office, with potential interference in the prosecution case against the company at the federal level. Additionally, the government snuck a ‘deferred prosecution’ section into the federal budget – seen as being specifically about going easy on SNC-Lavalin so they could keep getting lucrative federal contracts, another example of how the Trudeau Liberals serve the elites at the expense of the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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don morris

It is truly a shame that this had to come out now, almost 8 long months before the election. Unless the NEW Attorney-General decides to stay prosecution against SNC and the PMO, this should carry on well until next Winter.
This SHOULD be the issue that sinks the Trudeau Liberals. Now if Jody Wilson-Raybould will come forward with her story, maybe someone BIG will be forced to resign!

Let’s face it, the NDP are right on the mark regarding the LPC, they ARE the Party of the corporate elite in Quebec, with a few from Ontario.


The entire political and construction world are watching the corruption in Canadian politics. With the failure of Trudeau and his Liberals as a trusted Government, we now see a sudden jump in the Canadian dollar. Are the two related? Does the financial world see the possible end to the Trudeau Government and a chance at the return to corporate, resource and financial sanity where pipelines don’t have to have a gender?

shawn harris

It is true that Canada has a problem with not only corrupt politicians, but also with corrupt businesses, especially ones from Quebec. Like Bombardier and SNC Lavalin, for who protest their innocence, their crimes are repeated over and over again. All the while each time promising to have cleaned up their act and saying they are a different corporation now, being committed to obeying Canadian law and being transparent. It is as though politicians, SNC Lavalin and others are just mirror images of each other, both saying and doing the same things, while claiming to be innocent. And, it is… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

Even with all this, you want to bet he still gets a minority government? Quebec and possibly Ontario voters will push him through. And I’m from Ontario! That’s the state of this country in my opinion!