VIDEO: In Disgusting Spectacle, Justin Trudeau Throws Jody Wilson-Raybould Under The Bus Over And Over Again

Knowing that she can’t tell her version of events, Justin Trudeau is pinning all the blame on her.

In an appalling press conference in which Justin Trudeau repeatedly referred to Jody Wilson-Raybould as ‘Jody’ while referring to everyone else by their last names, Justin Trudeau repeatedly threw Jody Wilson-Raybould under the bus.

Said Trudeau, “If anyone, particularly the AG, felt that we were not doing our job fully … as a govt, it was her responsibility to come forward to me this past fall and highlight that directly to me. She did not.”

That is total garbage.

Justin Trudeau knows that Jody Wilson-Raybould can’t tell her side of the story.

In fact, he’s the one blocking her from talking.

He refuses to waive the privilege preventing her from speaking about the issue.

So, he’s framing the whole story in a way that pins all the blame on her, while blocking her from speaking.

It’s sickening.

As I said earlier, if the system wasn’t totally corrupt, it would have been Justin Trudeau who resigned.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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alan skelhorne

he is king trudeau of the country called canuckistan. its only going to get alot worse for canada.
either he steps down now, or we are in big trouble come october.

Steve Richards

I sure hope our friends in Ontario and Quebec are taking notes and paying attention to their boy wonder. Isn’t he special, he is even more corrupt and crooked then we thought. Illegal holidays on our dime, crazy lavish trips abroad, party fundraisers that we pay the travel on, punishing districts that didn’t vote(pay) for him, punishing provinces that he doesn’t like and and oh I guess he has already shown us he is this corrupt.

Diane DiFlorio

Your closing sentence was music to my ears, if only it was a reality!
“As I said earlier, if the system wasn’t totally corrupt, it would have been Justin Trudeau who resigned.”


Oh Mr. Spencer Fernando I believe we all want this disgusting foreign government to step down and be charged and a law that bans foreign and corporate interference in Canada this has all been very damaging to our country. Our Canadian Jody Wilson-Raybould, when she is allowed to speak, I hope will become Canada’s hero. The more you read about Quebec’s corrupt Lavalin we do not need companies like them to make Canada look bad around the world, and the fact that taxpayers have funded them with billions of dollars, these are the same people who have illegally supported the… Read more »

D Met

This clown is absolutely useless. He is supposed to be the leader and has the gall to suggest that it was Wilson-Raybould’s responsibility to point out the government’s shortcomings. I say grow up little boy and get out of the leader’s chair–you simply don’t have (and likely will never have) the necessary skills.

Moe S.

Yeah, Trudeau has investigated himself and has determined he and his gov’t was doing its job fully. So, if Jody “felt we were not doing our job fully it was her responsibility”…blah blah blah. NOT the issue! The Liberal deflect & blame campaign has begun.

shawn harris

Justin Trudeau continues with his pattern of never accepting blame, always shifting his guilt and bad decisions onto others, while never accepting responsibility for his actions and words. For Trudeau to use Raybould’s inability to speak about her time as Attorney General, to blame her for his illegal actions in regards to SNC Lavalin and their desire to not have to face criminal charges before the court, is disgusting to say the least and unbecoming of the position of PM of Canada. But it once again shows his arrogant hypocrisy of claiming to be a feminist while pretending to be… Read more »


Optics during his presser today…held in a bus garage ..yup threw her under bus and more coming. Second not a single female in the background. His supports all males. Such a great feminist …very telling in my mind . Amazing how he can speak so freely and will not give consent for her to speak. Until both sides are heard I don’t believe him. Anyone with a clue can see if she is taking these actions which affect her career, she has truth on her side…no one would commit career suicide over rumour and speculation ….


Hope he goes down in defeat this year


He can’t block anything because there is no client lawyer relationship here… There is no relationship at all she works for the government not Lavalin.. how stupid can they think people are saying she can’t talk about her own investigation… The corruption runs deep in the liberal camp.


Go Max.. 2019 federal elections.!!


From the first moment, was there any doubt that she was going under that bus? He has a problem either way. Nobody, NOBODY, is going to believe him if she doesn’t get to speak and if she speaks, she appears to have some very fine morals……Trudeau is running on a double dose of DAMNED!


Trudeau was so quick to get rid of anyone accused when the #METOO movement was in full swing, but he stopped short of resigning himself for groping the reporter in British Columbia years ago, so I won’t hold my breath waiting for him to resign this time. It’s “different” when it involves him, in his mind anyway.


Justin Trudeau is being quite transparent, by having a press conference in front of buses, while once again throwing “Jodie” under a bus. If he had chosen any other symbolic backdrop, he could have been accused of being a hypocrite.


Trudeau says that she did not discuss with him about being forced to give a huge favour to SNC Lavalin. He is THE ONE who put pressure on her.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Resign? He will be our next PM in October, as I’ve already said in a previous blog posting! This will prove this country is spiritually sick, corrupt and rotting like an apple filled with worms. From our media to our governments to the apathy of the condoning population. “Everyone did what was right in their own eyes. Judges 17:6. Don’t dismiss that last statement. There is nothing new under the sun; the world has been here before umpteen times.
Let’s see if I’m right or wrong come October. I hope the latter but I see the former.

Don Taylor

Trudeau is like a rat that is cornered,and he is blaming every thing on some one else This is a Typical Narcissistic reaction and this ignorant bastard thinks he can do no wrong,canadians can not stand the sight of him, he has selfied himself to just a pile of excrement and people are tired of him never taking responsibility for anything

Moe S.

Noticed the bus directly behind Trudeau while he was making his “Jody” jilted me and I don’t know why speech.


Trudeau continues to be puzzled. With the carefully manufactured puzzled look. I find watching Trudeau really cringe making……