WATCH: Andrew Scheer Speaks After Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Shock Resignation From Trudeau Cabinet

The Trudeau PMO Scandal has “plunged his government into chaos” says Conservative Leader.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is speaking about the Trudeau PMO Scandal.

“Justin Trudeau’s ethical lapses and his disastrous handling of this latest scandal have thrown his government into chaos. He promised Canadians open and transparent government and he has betrayed that promise,” said Scheer.

His remarks can be watched below:

Spencer Fernando

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Messianic Jew

It has been said and proved to be so: “The voting Public have the shortest memories.” I surely hope and pray that Canadians truly do remember the depraved, dictatorial, duplicitous behaviour and double standard that has been the trademark of Trudeau and his Jack booted brown shirts.

Bradley Holdner

It’s significant to note that one member of the NEB tribunal that squashed the Energy East project was a former VP at SNC Lavalin


JT has betrayed all promises he made to get elected. The only one that he kept, that I am aware of, is legalizing cannabis.


Nice hair and socks though!


Andrew Scheer has no phony fake dog and pony show, I so enjoy listening to a leader who can just speak straight from the shoulder, caring TRUTHFUL answers in a FOR Canada agenda, I respect this. Thank you Spencer for again sharing this.
I E Mailed that list of politicians to ask them to please vote for this committee inquiry to proceed as Canadians deserve to hear the truth.


I think Andrew Scheer is becoming much more comfortable speaking and answering questions and has come a long way. He’s certainly handling himself well in this very serious matter, pointing out how very troubling and dangerous this and other actions are by this current government, and hopefully will inspire Canadian’s to vote for him and the CPC and end this disaster that Trudeau and the LPC are to Canada.

don morris

Scheer has been in Parliament since 2004,including a term as Speaker. He should be more than merely “comfortable” speaking to the media. As Opposition leader it is up to him, more than any other CPC member, to inspire the ten percent of the undecided voters to come to our side, and so far he hasn’t done so. It is to me very frustrating that the conservatives refuse to recognize how important image is to the electorate, you cannot win on your platform alone. Kennedy versus Nixon,Obama versus McCain,Obama versus Romney, all were won by image and ability to make an… Read more »

don morris

Scheer has the annoying habit of looking down at his notes every ten seconds,can he not remember his speech for any longer than that? Scheer is the epitome of a dull and uninspiring speaker.
The SNC-Lavalin scandal should bring this government down,or put it into such disrepute they lose the election in far off October.
I hope Scheer is up to it,but his demeanor and image doesn’t give me much hope he can do it.

don morris

Gee, only four “down” votes? We have a long way to go until the election. I will start to believe Scheer will defeat Trudeau when he thrashes him in debates in the House. He should be unrelenting in his daily attacks on Trudeau. Until Scheer shows he can inspire the conservatives of Canada to get out and vote for him, I will remain skeptical. There isn’t much sense clinging to a fantasy. btw, I will vote for the CPC candidate in my Riding, and will work on the campaign, but am not a cheerleader unless, as in the case of… Read more »


Are you kidding me ?? Andrew Scheer cannot even get out two sentences without looking at his prepared statement !! He so very much like Trudeau ! He simply does not have what it takes to be a good leader !! If you cannot speak from your head and your heart without a prepared statement or a teleprompter, where is your passion ? A good leader will stand before you and tell you what he or she feels. They will not have to read every sentence before saying anything !! After being a MP and speaker of the House of… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

I still think that with the help of the media that this scandal will be swept under the rug by the end of February and forgotten by October.