NEW POLL: Trudeau Liberals Fall, Conservatives Take Strong Lead As PMO Scandal Continues Escalating

The Conservatives have a decisive lead in vote-rich Ontario.

A new poll by Campaign Research shows the Conservatives taking a stronger lead over the Liberals as the PMO-scandal swirls.

The poll – which was conducted during the ongoing scandal by coincidence according to Campaign Research – shows the Liberals falling 5 points behind the Conservatives.

The Conservatives are up 4 points from the previous Campaign Research poll, while the Liberals are down 1 point. The NDP is down 2 points.

Here are the numbers:

Conservatives – 37%

Liberals – 32%

NDP – 14%

Green – 7%

Bloc – 5%

People’s Party – 3%

Here are the key regional breakdowns for the main parties:

Atlantic – Liberals 40%, Conservatives 28%, NDP 14%.

Quebec – Liberals 36%, Conservatives 24%, NDP 15%, Bloc 19%.

Ontario – Conservatives 40%, Liberals 33%, NDP 15%.

Prairies – Conservatives 54%, Liberals 32%, NDP 9%.

Alberta – Conservatives 65%, Liberals 19%, NDP 7%.

BC – Conservatives 28%, Liberals 28%, NDP 23%.

With the Trudeau PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal showing no sign of going away, it remains to be seen whether the Liberal poll numbers fall further, and whether more progressive voters start abandoning the Liberals for the NDP and Green Party.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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