PMO Scandal Fallout: Trudeau’s Net Approval Rating Drops To -18%

A majority of Canadians disapprove of Trudeau.

With the Trudeau PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal swirling, Justin Trudeau’s approval rating has dropped again.

According to a new Campaign Research poll, 53% of Canadians disapprove of Justin Trudeau, while 35% approve.

That puts his net approval rating at -18%.

In a December 2018 Campaign Research poll, his net approval rating was -9%.

The numbers for Andrew Scheer are far better, with 29% approving and 33% disapproving. That puts Scheer’s net approval rating at -4%.

Jagmeet Singh’s numbers are terrible, with just 16% approving while 39% disapprove. That’s a negative approval of -23%.

Trudeau retains a small lead on the “best choice for PM” question, with 28% picking Trudeau and 25% picking Scheer.

However, considering that Trudeau is already the PM, the fact that his lead on that question is so narrow shows how much damage his image has taken.

And this poll was taken as the scandal was emerging, so it doesn’t even account for the sustained attention on the seemingly corrupt Trudeau PMO, and people repeatedly seeing Trudeau disgracefully throwing Jody Wilson-Raybould under the bus.

Trudeau’s numbers could be headed even lower.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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John Craker

Now that Butts has jumped ship, this number is going to plummet!!! And rightfully so.


Just had a glass of champagne to celebrate; not because I am mean spirited but have been praying for Trudeau “House of cards” to fall…


Evil corrupt socialist dictators like trudope always get caught.If libtard voters would have did a little history seeking like every conservative voter they would have found the real trudope.Seems all libtard voters in North America are very greedy no minds that always put their needs above love and needs of keeping the country’s citizens free.Not long ago socialist would have been rounded up and jailed for treason. I sincerely hope that trudope and coherents get charged with above mentioned word.


The Liberals haven’t fallen enough for most Canadians. I can’t believe that there actually are Canadians who would vote for this Moron! Come on, Canadians, we are much smarter than to vote for this Imbecile and his gang of Liberal Corrupt Thieves. Trudeau and his Liberals Party have Bankrupted and Destroyed our Country in just 3 years. Let’s decimate the Liberal Party to “NON PARTY STATUS” as was done to Wynne’s Liberals in Ontario. Let’s make Canada Great again!


Sad that there are four other breeches under conflict of interest act and people just call others conspiracists for bringing it up and yet now that mainstream is trying to distract everyone with this one, it is suddenly a big deal and really happening. Amazing Canada. 80% of Canadians hate their own country. People have been giving the finger to those carrying the canadian flag lately. I am not even making this up. I have no idea who trudeau allows in to Canada but the people here hate Canada. This is one of the dumbest countries on earth right now.