BREAKING NEWS: Trudeau Liberals Vote AGAINST Allowing Jody Wilson-Raybould To Speak Freely

It’s a total corrupt cover-up, and nobody can deny it.

If there was anyone left in Canada who doubted whether the Trudeau government was engaged in a total cover-up in the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal, those doubts are now GONE.

The Liberals just voted against waiving ‘solicitor-client privilege’ and allowing Jody Wilson-Raybould to speak freely.

It failed by a 160 – 133 margin.

The motion was brought forth by the NDP, and was supported by the Conservatives.

Yet, the bipartisan motion was voted down.

Jody Wilson-Raybould abstained from the vote, saying it would be inappropriate for her to vote on a matter that directly involves her. She also said she was limited in what she could say due to ‘solicitor-client privilege,’ and hopes to be given the opportunity to ‘speak her truth.’

Only Justin Trudeau can waive the privilege and free her to speak. He has refused to do so.

The cover-up is in full swing, and the Liberals are clearly terrified of the truth being revealed.

This is total corruption at the highest levels. The Canadian People should be disgusted by the actions of the Trudeau government, and every MP who voted against letting her speak freely should be ashamed of themselves.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Taylor

The Lieberals are digging their own Grave !


Glad I didn’t hold my breath. – So, what are the consequences “IF” Jody Wilson-Raybould speaks regardless. Although I have my doubts she will. Shared.


Trump’s lawyer turned on him. Is Canadian law and are lawyer rules and ethics similar?


Howdy Del. Firstly, it says on the time stamp you replied 6 days ago. I only got the notification of your reply today (27/02/19), thus the delayed response. – To answer your question, bear in mind I’m not a lawyer. – I believe for laws such as obstruction, lawyer’s oath / ethics are really similar. My opinion is the Laws may be worded differently but the substance is the same. I have attached a link with the Ontario Lawyer oath of office.


I think there is another pile of crap in the Liberal Ship, related to the Admiral Mark Norman affair, ..THAT is the real stinker. One does not get to the position he got to without acting with integrity and within the law.

I propose the deferred prosecution legislation that was inserted is also directly their attempts to cover up Davie contracts and not just SNC-Lavalin #Lavscam

pancake rachel corrie

of course they did, they are canada’s third world party

This is just another indication of how the Lieberals self-destruct! Will it change under a CPC government? As an Albertan I doubt it. The whole federal system is ridden with corruption. The ship of state has imploded and shattered into unsalvageable pieces. The only option for Alberta is…………..SEPARATION from Confederation and the rest of Canada. My patriotism as a Canadian has fallen to………….ZERO!

Marilyn Perry



In a democracy nobody has that right. In a dictatorship, there are no rights, even free speech (M-103)?.


How do I find out how my liberal mp voted ?
I can e mail him but dont expect an answer . Are vote counts avail on CPAC ?

Eric Blair

Sounds like a split caucus to me. I wonder how the voting went by region?

Faith Cook

We need to have CSIS & or RCMP involed.

Ron Shaw

Liberal Comunists , no other words come to mind

Karen Anderson

What do you expect from this form of a government. God help this country !!!!


On the positive side, all Canadians now know without a shadow of a doubt that something was amiss. Our whole legal system needs a major overhaul, yesterday. When people can vote against or obstruct an investigation of themselves we are in major trouble.

Terry Arnett

Truth must be brought forth to the public. If not Trudeau has to resign there are no other options!!!


How disgusting! Canada is run by a corrupt dictatorship government. If Trudeau did nothing wrong than why would he and the liberals vote against Jody Wilson-Raybould to speak?


This is an absolute disgrace! A blatant coverup of the criminal corruption of the liberal party! This shows Trudeau’s total disrespect for the responsibility and integrity of the PMO, as well as every single Canadian citizen! This is not just “another” case of Justin Trudeau’s failure to be, “as promised” , an open and transparent government, this is proof that this government does not believe that Canadian standards and laws apply to them! They are mistaken! Now, it is time for the RCMP TO STEP UP, DO THEIR JOB, AND INVESTIGATE THESE MATTERS!


Question? If the RCMP got involved, would this country then be one footstep from Martial Law?

Ted Ross

Trudeau and his lackeys are a disgrace to Canada. The sooner he is booted out of office the better for our Country.I just hope the next government can clean up the mess in four years


So, we are now officially a banana republic.

jimmy v.

In the early 60s I had a French buddy in the Air Force, and he clued me in about all the graft, and corruption in Quebec.

Seems to happen everywhere, but Quebec is the worst.


yes but nothing is ever done about what this guy does illegally he keeps getting away with his crimes against Canadians call the RCMP for a investigation under the Canadians say so

William Goddu

She has truth and the duty and dirty job to tell the People what it is, I want to vote on this to hear her side. No doubt it is scandalous beyond and above all!!