Michelle Rempel Says Trudeau & Liberal MP Shook Their Heads “In Disgust” After Jody Wilson-Raybould Said She Wanted To “Speak Her Truth”

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Justin Trudeau to show contempt for the truth.

Justin Trudeau tried to put on a big show today, saying that he is ‘sorry’ for not calling out the attacks (orchestrated by his own PMO and quite possibly by him personally) that slandered Jody Wilson-Raybould in an attempt to discredit her.

But it seems Trudeau’s totally woke apology was yet another fake act.

Because in Question Period, it seems his attitude towards Jody Wilson-Raybould wasn’t quite so respectful, according to MP Michelle Rempel:

“After @Puglaas rises in the House to ask that she be able to speak her own truth in the SNC Lavalin matter, Trudeau looks at @CQualtro and both give her a mocking look and shake their heads in disgust.”

Of course, this isn’t really a surprise.

Justin Trudeau hates the truth.

He has contempt for honest Canadians.

He wants to protect his own power above all else.

So, it wouldn’t be shocking at all to hear that Trudeau mocked and showed disgust towards Jody Wilson-Raybould in the House of Commons, since he’s been mocking and showing disgust towards the Canadian People during his entire time in office.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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To call him a weasel, is to slander the weasel.

peter black

Now that his puppet master is gone Trudope will be lost as a PM . Watch him put Butts under the bus and don’t be surprised if the little twit decides that he doesn’t need this job and all the hassle and RESIGNS to a life of Trust Fund decay. A gutless pathetic stupid ignorant little boy puppet with all his strings cut and floundering like a pile of wood chips. God save Canada and help him GO

Kevin Mark Bauer

Canadians are going to have to admit that we have been duped for Generations by our Systems of Governance. Justin and his corrupt Cabinet are just a SYMPTOM of the disease that plagues every facet in our System of Governance. Greed and Power has infected ALL of our Political Parties and until we start demanding that the Leaders openly investigate and remove that corruption , nothing will ever change. Sure arresting Justin and his Cabinet Ministers will make us feel good for a while because we eradicated that Symptom but as soon as we Elect a new Government , a… Read more »

Don Taylor

he had a lot of people fooled unless you looked at his eyes,that gave him away

Ken (Kulak)

We are sure hooped. By the end of February this sordid affair will be swept under the rug and sunny days will be back.

Eric Blair

Carla Qualtrough… why that’s my MP, the member of parliament for Delta. She has lots of experience in politics hence why she sits in the place of honour to the right of the PM. Her experience you ask? Why just before running for parliament in the federal election of 2015, she tried to get elected for the Delta school board for the first time… and lost. That’s her experience, losing in a school board election. She will probably give the school board another go when she finds herself out of office this fall with no pension (need to serve 6… Read more »


Trudeau is despicable in so many ways. Can someone explain what needs to happen for an RCMP investigation into PressureGate?


Jody Wilson Raybould loyalty is to the crown and to Canada. She should have said right there on the floor of the commons ‘exactly’ what she was forbidden to say. Protecting Justin is not her priority, we are.

Why hasn’t the opposition parties call on the RCMP ?
Apparently, there are two sets of laws: Canada’s and Trudeau’s. The Trudeau’s rule of law is the one they follow.