Poll Shows Massive Drop In Number Of Canadians Who Pick Trudeau As Best PM

Leger survey is the latest bad news for Trudeau amid the PMO scandal.

A survey by Leger shows a huge drop in the number of Canadians who pick Justin Trudeau as the best choice for PM.

In November 2018, 33% of Canadians picked Trudeau as best choice for PM.

Now, just 26% pick him, a drop of 7 points.

That’s a dangerously low number for a sitting PM.

Additionally, Leger puts the Conservatives at 36% support, compared to the Liberals at 34% and the NDP at just 12%.

While it’s a narrow lead, it’s the first time the Leger poll has found the Conservatives leading since 2015.

Clearly, the escalating Trudeau PMO scandal is having a huge impact on Trudeau and the Liberals, and his image is falling apart.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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