Poll Shows Massive Drop In Number Of Canadians Who Pick Trudeau As Best PM

Leger survey is the latest bad news for Trudeau amid the PMO scandal.

A survey by Leger shows a huge drop in the number of Canadians who pick Justin Trudeau as the best choice for PM.

In November 2018, 33% of Canadians picked Trudeau as best choice for PM.

Now, just 26% pick him, a drop of 7 points.

That’s a dangerously low number for a sitting PM.

Additionally, Leger puts the Conservatives at 36% support, compared to the Liberals at 34% and the NDP at just 12%.

While it’s a narrow lead, it’s the first time the Leger poll has found the Conservatives leading since 2015.

Clearly, the escalating Trudeau PMO scandal is having a huge impact on Trudeau and the Liberals, and his image is falling apart.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Ron Shaw

Who would actually vote for a drama clown ? And if you do give your head a violent shake .


This liberal government is such a Sham. I really wish there was an impeachment clause in Canada. I hate the idea of waiting to Oct to Boot these Criminals Out!

louis Joannette

And may he rot in hell. first he could not get the pipeline done as a primary function 3 YEARS AGO , that would make Canada no 3 after the Russia
and the Emirate.. that was his prime thing to do, and whit the fuel income it would have made Canada the best country in the world.
it would have provide funds for our elderly / school in out post / roads / medical office in the remote village and fist nation outpost…. WHAT A LOSS…THAT WE HAVE TO ENDURE.


You would have to be brain damaged if you think he was mediocre let alone the best.

Robert Anes

Big dropin support for trudough: that is the best news I heard since the defeat of Wynne.


Who in their right mind would ever vote for Trudope being the best PM. When I heard that he had the majority of people believe that he was the best PM, that is when I realized that we either had too many Stupid, Uneducated Canadians or they were obviously not following all the Stupid actions of this Idiot!

peter black

26 % is still too high and indicates many Canadians don’t know what is coming or don’t care.

shawn harris

Trudeau claimed that the next election would be the dirtiest and meanest election ever. Yet he failed to mention that he would still carry on with being the most corrupt , ethically challenged and deceitful PM Canadians have ever had the displeasure of knowing. The polling numbers and the constant downward spiral for Trudeau and his Liberal party, are the rewards he has worked so hard to achieve. Like the old saying what goes around comes around. And, Trudeau is now seeing the results of being a liar, hypocrite, and having an arrogant nature will bring you. No amount of… Read more »


It is a hell of a lot more than just this supposed scandal that has caused the fall in popularity for Justin Trudeau so let’s get that straight. Just because the bought and paid for CBC chooses to ignore the angers of Canadians doesn’t mean this drop just happened all of a sudden. Perhaps the bought and paid for CBC is starting to become concerned that their little gravy train is starting to come off the rails so they are now in full PROTECT THE PM MODE. If the Conservatives OR Bernier get in I hope that they stop funding… Read more »