Stunning: Only 27% Of Liberal Voters Believe Trudeau “Didn’t Do Something Wrong” In SNC-Lavalin Scandal

A whopping 55% aren’t sure, which are appalling numbers for a leader among supporters of their party.

The SNC-Lavalin PMO scandal is having a devastating impact on Justin Trudeau’s image.

According to a Leger poll, 41% of Canadians believe Trudeau has ‘done something wrong.’

12% say he hasn’t done something wrong.

And 41% say they aren’t sure.

What this means is that 82% of Canadians don’t believe Trudeau, since Trudeau has claimed he’s done nothing wrong.

And it gets worse for him.

Even among Liberal supporters, just 27% believe Trudeau, 55% aren’t sure, and 10% say he did something wrong.

That is an absolutely appallingly low level of support for a sitting PM among members of their own party. It leaves the door open to a near-total collapse in his support if he is found to have exerted pressure on Wilson-Raybould and then lied about it.

At this point, Canadians simply don’t believe what Justin Trudeau is saying.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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My problem is, he still has that much support. After all he’s said and done there are still people that think he’s doing a good job. Those. Are the people who watch wY to much cbc.

don morris

I would like to meet and debate those who DO believe anything Justin Trudeau says in this case. He has so obviously obfuscated and twisted the facts to suit his agenda, only those with Liberal stars in their eyes would believe him. And THAT disappoints me, I expect better from Canadians, do NOT worship at the shrine of ANY politician! I don’t give a damn who the person is, but when he works himself and his government into a situation like this, no one should give him their support. Blind worship of a political Leader of any Party is extremely… Read more »

shawn harris

Just watch for it, Trudeau will try and prorogue Parliament,after first delivering his final budget. He will do this because he knows with falling support and devastating polling numbers, he is finished politically.
Trudeau will use the proroguing of Parliament, to declare some kind of emergency, economic,environmental, anything to just distract attention from his many scandals and devastating rule of Canadians while in office.
Then comes the snap election, hoping to catch the Conservatives and NDP off guard and unprepared. All in the extremely vain hope of being re-elected.


The fact that Trudeau has ANY support means that the state propaganda stations are doing a good job of brainwashing Canadians with false information about Trudeau and his party. It is beyond disgusting that Canadians would support this PM; his track record is bound for the total demolition of Canada, how is it that any support is offered to this dictator?