VIDEO: Trudeau Dodges Simple ‘Yes Or No’ Question On PMO Scandal, Responds With BS Talking Points Instead

The ‘openness and transparency’ is overwhelming!

In yet another stellar example of the ‘openness and transparency’ that Justin Trudeau promised, he repeatedly dodged the simplest possible questions during Question Period.

For example, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer asked Trudeau whether he told Jody Wilson-Raybould his ‘preference’ on giving SNC-Lavalin a Deferred Prosecution Agreement.

He asked for a simple “yes or no” answer to the simple question.

But Trudeau didn’t give a yes or no answer.

Instead, he responded with BS talking points.

Here’s how it went:

Remember, Trudeau promised the most ‘open and transparent’ government of all time.

So much for that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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What a joke of a PM

Ron Shaw

Watch Trudeau’s fingers are crossed and Monroe’s nose grew over an inch just sitting there bobbing the empty space between his ears . Trudeau is practicing his pathological lier drama skit on parliament hill . It was a hit , all the liberals believed him , he got a standing applause , then the final curtain and a curtsy


The way he repeatedly skirts around just about every question he is asked is especially annoying. Even if he doesn’t like answering questions put to him by the opposition, he could at least try to manage an answer for the Canadian people, but, no, he’s going to do it the Trudeau way, (the stupid way).

peter black

The mopst sickening part of the whole QP was to watch the faces of his little puppets. McKenna looked like she was high. Morneau was his smug know it all self and every time I looked at the spaceman I almost puked. How did these idiots ever get elected ?? Answer The voters get what they asked for. Pathetic.n God help Canada


The Opposition needs to respond with “BULLPOOP. Trudeau has a very thin skin and the Opposition fail to capitalize. EG: Scheer: Mr. Speaker, Canadians have the right to expect respect from the Liberals. Since the current PM, Justin, is obviously incapable of responding to questions with an intelligent answer, we have no further questions. Opposition members should then get up, walk around and chat among themselves, all the time laughing at all the Liberals. Hell, even order pizza and coffee and sit and eat it in front of the Liberals. Ask them if they need permission from Justin to have… Read more »

don morris

As I have said so many times, Trudeau has never answered a question in a straightforward manner since the first day he decided to run for Office. It has taken the media almost ten years to catch on, I suppose they were busy being dazzled by his handsome face. Beyond the obvious irritating aspect of his obfuscation,though, is his utter contempt for the Opposition, and the citizens they speak for. When Trudeau does this, he is spitting in the face of Canadians, saying,” you peasants don’t deserve a straight answer and I’m not going to give you one,ptooey”. I wish… Read more »


The idiot has never answered a question with a direct answer. Every question he has ever been asked has been screwed and deflected. I dont understand how this goof us even still in charge


Every time he answers regardless of how evasive thank him for his transparency.