BREAKING: Fife & Chase Report Wilson-Raybould Told Liberal Cabinet ‘She Felt It Was Wrong For Anyone – Including The Prime Minister,’ To Press Her On SNC-Lavalin

Another bombshell story that rips Trudeau’s talking points to shreds.

There’s yet another stunning bombshell story from Robert Fife and Steven Chase of the Globe & Mail.

According to their reporting, a source with knowledge of the Liberal cabinet meeting which Jody Wilson-Raybould attended revealed that she said there was ‘improper’ pressure put upon her in relation to the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin. Wilson-Raybould was able to speak about the issue in Cabinet because of ‘cabinet confidentiality.’

Here’s a key excerpt of the bombshell story:

“According to a source with knowledge of the cabinet discussions, Ms. Wilson-Raybould said the director of the prosecution service rejected a negotiated settlement with SNC-Lavalin based on how the law applies to the company’s case. The Liberal government had changed the Criminal Code to allow for deferred prosecutions in which a company admits wrongdoing and pays a fine, but avoids a trial. Under Canada’s new deferred-prosecution agreement law, prosecutors are not allowed to consider national economic interests when deciding whether to settle with a company.

Mr. Trudeau has acknowledged he raised concerns about the economic impact that a conviction could have on SNC-Lavalin when he met privately with the then-justice minister and attorney-general on Sept. 17, two weeks after the director of public prosecutions decided to move toward a trial.

The fact that prosecutors had already informed the Quebec company of its decision before the meeting between Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Wilson-Raybould meant the only remaining question was whether the attorney-general would override federal prosecutors and publicly instruct them to cut a deal.”

SNC-Lavalin also reportedly threatened to move to the UK.

Gerald Butts also spoke to Jody Wilson-Raybould about a deferred prosecution for SNC-Lavalin on December 5. That meeting took place at the Chateau Laurier hotel, according to the reporting.

A key issue appears to be that the Trudeau government kept bringing the issue up again and again and again, even after the independent prosecutor had decided not to give SNC-Lavalin the deferred prosecution deal:

“Once prosecutors decided in early September to move to trial, Ms. Wilson-Raybould told cabinet she felt it was wrong for anyone – including the Prime Minister, members of his staff and other government officials – to raise the issue with her, the source said. Another source added that Ms. Wilson-Raybould would not budge from her position at the cabinet meeting.”

This totally contradicts Trudeau’s talking points.

He’s said there was no ‘pressure’ on Jody Wilson-Raybould. Yet, if a decision was already made, and the only question left was whether Jody Wilson-Raybould would overturn that decision, then any time the PM or the PMO staff spoke to her about it was obviously about pressuring her.

This is why Trudeau isn’t waiving privilege and isn’t letting Jody Wilson-Raybould speak. The truth will look very bad for him, and he’s doing whatever it takes to stop Canadians from learning what really happened.

Day after day, the corruption of the Trudeau government gets even worse.

Spencer Fernando

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