REPORT: Trudeau & Butts Issued Subpoenas In Admiral Norman Case

The legal problems seem to be adding up for Trudeau and his cronies.

Justin Trudeau and his former top adviser Gerald Butts have been issued subpoenas by Mark Norman’s defence lawyers.

According to a new report, his lawyers want communications related to the case, including emails, text messages, or written notes from Trudeau and Butts.

Additionally, communications are wanted from “Trudeau’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford, Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick and Zita Astravas, chief of staff to Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan.”

“The notes are being sought by the legal team defending the former vice chief of the defence staff against a single charge of breach of trust. Norman is accused of leaking cabinet secrets in relation to a shipbuilding deal. The subpoenas were issued earlier this month as Toronto lawyer Marie Henein was preparing a motion to dismiss the case on the basis of alleged political interference.”

This is the latest in the mounting potential legal problems for Trudeau and his cronies.

Having been elected on a promise of “openness and transparency,” the Trudeau Liberals now appear to be running one of the most closed and corrupt governments ever seen in Canadian history.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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peter black

Balls to the wall on this case.

Don Taylor

It seems as though this high paid public employee wernick wants to get in on the action,the more the liberals try to make themselves look good {open and transparent} the more Canadians will not believe them, Trudeau has told to many lies and acted like a fool making Canada a laughing stock {India} around the world


The sphincter is tightening. Could another resignation be in order in a few months?


Seems to be no end to theLiberal corruption.

Don Rudolph

This guy Michael Wernick is another Trudeau lap dog. Non partisan my ass.


The most corrupt government? Well Justin Trudeau and friends don’t think so. We the people just don’t understand their definition of transparency, and diversity, and how it is helping more to enter the fast disappearing middle class, and what has to be done to preserve jobs at any cost, regardless if it appears immoral, impractical or illegal.


I would think that this is the real reason why Butts butted out of Trudeau’s office to try and save further incriminating issues.


The PMO’s office will be buying up all the paper shredders in Ottawa