UH OH: Trudeau’s Two Most Powerful Aides Were Pressing Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Staff On SNC-Lavalin Months After Decision Had Been Made

New report indicates once again that the Trudeau PMO simply wasn’t willing to accept the decision of the Independent Prosecutor.

In September, the Independent Public Prosecutor ruled that SNC-Lavalin would not get a deferred prosecution.

Instead, they would have to go to trial.

The Attorney General – at the time Jody Wilson-Raybould – had the power to override that decision, though it would have been hugely unethical to do so.

Jody Wilson-Raybould refused to overturn it, choosing instead to protect the independence of the judicial system.

Yet, it seems the fact that a clear decision was made by both the Public Prosecutor and Jody Wilson-Raybould didn’t stop the Trudeau PMO from continually pressuring her.

And now, we’ve learned that pressure was even continuing into December, over three months after the decision had been made.

According to a report in the Toronto Star, “The prime minister’s top two aides together spoke to Jody Wilson-Raybould’s senior staffer about the SNC-Lavalin file on Dec. 18, a conversation that the country’s top bureaucrat acknowledged may be flagged as a “concern” by the former attorney general in her highly anticipated testimony next week. Justin Trudeau’s chief of staff, Katie Telford, and principal secretary, Gerald Butts — who quit last week, denying any improper PMO conduct — spoke to Jody Wilson-Raybould’s chief of staff, Jessica Prince, a PMO official said late Friday.”

And of course, a spokesman for Trudeau’s totally ‘open and transparent’ government said, “I can’t get into any actual details of the conversation itself.”

Notably, the report indicates “Until now it had not been clear that Telford had any contact with the SNC-Lavalin file. The PMO has previously said Telford never spoke to Wilson-Raybould directly on the matter.”

What we are seeing here is that the more details are revealed, the more directly the entire Trudeau PMO is implicated in this disgraceful mess.

First they said the report of conversations was false. Then they said Jody Wilson-Raybould was fine with the conversations since she was still in cabinet. Then she left cabinet. Then they said that maybe there were some conversations but there was no ‘pressure.’ Then they said there was no ‘improper pressure.’

What will they say next?

Are they just going to admit to it and then attack her for not doing the bidding of SNC-Lavalin?

The RCMP must investigate. We can’t trust the bureaucracy or the government to investigate itself.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

The PMO’S office under the chief snake Justin Turdeau is up to their necks in BS


The RCMP defiantly need to investigate this. One problem I see with that is, Brenda Lucki the Commissioner of the RCMP was appointed by Trudeau. Any chance that could be a problem?

Brian Dougan

Alas…The RCMP bosses appear to be tarred with the Trudeau brush. I assume that they’re sworn to uphold the law; but this is the “new” RCMP in Trudeau Jr’s. deluded version of Canada. (What’s left of it.)


Once they startltying they keep lying. It’s something we / I did as kids until we ended up getting REALLY punished, once for doing the bad thing and then even more for continuing to lie. We feared authority until we learned to respect it. Seems like the Liberals are still in the early childhood stage and will never grow up.

Let’s elect adults for a change. Adults that respect laws, adults that respect Canadians and adults that can respond with intelligent answers in Parliament. Something we haven’t seen since October 2015.


The RCMP do an investigation. Trust it? Rely on it? No way! I was given some advice in trust in the past. I was told to go to a local court house where RCMP officers are at times in court testifying in different cases. I was referred to a couple of cases as possible examples. One can on their own do this. And watch, do the RCMP’s officers, their officers, their police ever make things up and why or example? Or go after one but not another? You can check the record out in BC, or Alberta for example..trust the… Read more »


If you think the rcmp can be trusted you haven’t been paying attention.


yes RCMP should investigate asp no more shoving it under the carpet

shawn harris

Never before in Canadian Parliamentary history has a scandal unfolded where a minister has resigned after having been demoted/fired unjustly, the PM’s chief of staff has quit , without any real reason, and has had so many vague denials of pressure, no pressure and changing story lines. Yet with each new revelation and quick denial, more solid/actionable evidence comes to the light, that it seems to be Trudeau would have everyone believe that there is nothing wrong and nothing to be seen or learned about. And, in all of these revelations and denials, where is the RCMP?,they have gone AWOL,… Read more »

Gordon E Surbey

At what point in time does the RCMP have a legal (and ethical) obligation to proceed with a formal investigation into this seemingly corrupted mess? Must someone lodge a formal complaint, or is there a government authority that the RCMP answers to that has to clear them to proceed? This is reminiscent of the RCMP’s lack of action w.r.t. the waves of “illegal” border crossers that Canada has seen over the last three years. Why aren’t the laws of our country being enforced?


This scandal is not going away. The Truth will be spoken!

Luc Page

If you can read between the lines, Teudeau kind of admited it by saying that he wants to protect economy and people’s job. What a coward, hiding himself behind people to defend a corrupt company. So from his perspective, if a company is highly corrupt, it’s ok as long as they hire people.
I call that using human shield.
It should not be illegal?

Luc Page

I mean Trudeau*

Claudine Prosper

I do not think that the RCMP will ever investigate their boss! Someone needs to actually investigate the RCMP. I have lost all faith in the RCMP.

don morris

Another of the glaring flaws in our system,made by lawyers, for the benefit of lawyers; Who CAN “call in the RCMP”? What agency has the authority to call the cops on the PMO? Senate? Governor-General? Whoever it is, you’re right,Spencer,it IS time to call them in before the LPC/PMO gets their stories straightened out. This story is unravelling like desperate concoction it really is. The PM and his “boys” sound like little kids,changing the story almost daily. I don’t think they’re fooling anyone except the 30% of Canadians who are die hard Liberals and would vote LPC with their dying… Read more »