BY-ELECTION RESULTS: Conservatives Winning In York-Simcoe, Liberals Beating NDP In Outremont, Singh Leads In Burnaby South

Three-way split possible.

It looks like it could be a three-way split among the main parties in the three by-elections.

The Conservatives look set for a decisive win in York-Simcoe, which is usually a Conservative stronghold.

Scot Davidson is winning around 50% of the vote for the Conservatives in that riding, far ahead of the second place Liberal candidate.

In Outrement, the riding formerly held by Tom Mulcair, Liberal candidate Rachel Bendayan is over 40% of the vote, close to double the NDP total.

And in Burnaby-South, where NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is seeking a victory to revive his moribund leadership, early results have him in first place, with a modest lead over Liberal candidate Richard Lee.

Notably, the People’s Party appears to be winning about half as many votes as the Conservatives, not nearly enough to contend for the seat, but enough to revive concerns of potential vote-splitting on the right side of the political spectrum.

Spencer Fernando

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David Henley

It seems that when a party of the PPC is not invited to the forum to discuss the alternate way it gives way to a bias election. The same as in Toronto when a candidate was even taken out of the event by law enforcement. If this is still a free society then why are the other parties so afraid to be challenged by the new PPC party. Afraid of upsetting the same old corrupt way of doing things. It seems that the corruption runs deep in politics . The media of course seems to be corrupted by the same… Read more »