66% Of Canadians Say There Is “A Deeper Scandal” In The Trudeau PMO

A clear majority think there’s something even worse going on.

Canadians think the SNC-Lavalin scandal is a sign of deeper problems in the Trudeau PMO.

A new Angus Reid poll shows a clear majority of 66% of Canadians saying “there is a deeper scandal within the Prime Minister’s Office and more information will emerge.”

Meanwhile, 34% say “this issue has been overblown by the media and politicians. The resignation of Gerald Butts settles the matter.”

In all regions of the country, a clear majority of Canadians say there a deeper scandal lurking in the PMO. Even in Quebec, where many pundits have been defending the Trudeau government, 65% say there is a deeper scandal, while 35% say it’s overblown.

In ominous numbers for Trudeau, even 28% of those who plan to vote Liberal say there is a deeper scandal.

More and more Canadians seem to be waking up to the rampant deception and dishonesty of the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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and we should find out what it is I hope it all comes to a head in the next couple weeks then we can get rid of him and move on !!!

shawn harris

Most Canadians suspect that politicians can be and will be lying to them from time to time and accept that it is part of politics. But, in Trudeau’s case, he has finally gone too far, with his never ceasing mixed messaging, twisting of words and truth, deliberately lying and now openly lying to cover up even more explosive lies. The public have had enough and the Liberals have to pay the ultimate price, politically, be defeated and be removed from office. By the sheer volume of denials about doing anything wrong or illegal and the absurd amount of time taken… Read more »

peter black

The big treasonous scandal is the vetoing of ENERGY EAST by Ligault and the PMO since SNC have major projects in Arabia and the dirty oil has to keep flowing as the bribe “in kind” Ligault doesn’t want the pipeline so he can sell his cheap power on a trans national electricity grid. The media don’t have a clue about this. CPC should be blowing this story all over the country. This is out and out treason .


This scandal may be fresh in the minds of many for now but will be forgotten in the coming months which make it much easier for the liberals to garner votes in the next election, provided that the media limits the scanty news of the Trudeau’s scandal to bare minimum to none hoping Canadians will forget which normally is the case.

James Cook

What amazes me is how 28% would still vote for him when they think there is a deeper scandal with this dictating regime run by J Trudeau himself. I have felt that there has been a scandal ever since these boneheads got in.

Ken (Kulak)

Colour me skeptical, but I do not believe any of this will go anywhere. The media will fall in line well before October, run cover for him and tell us how next to Godlike he is.

russ browne

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police need to start an investigation as to whether there has been illegal activity. It’s the only way to be sure, we cannot trust the Liberals to investigate themselves.

Major Tom

Why did Trudeau meet the Khan off shore with Kerry? Where’s the money trail on this one?


A box of Kleenex? Perhaps he didn’t experience a negative interaction? Groping is apparently ok in Papineau? Yooohooo wake up Canada especially anyone that has fallen for any previous nonsense from this poor excuse of a Canadian