POLL: Andrew Scheer Viewed More Favourably Than Justin Trudeau

Bad numbers for Trudeau and the Liberals.

With the ongoing PMO Scandal, the number of Canadians who disapprove of Justin Trudeau has risen once again, according to an Angus Reid poll:

60% of Canadians view Trudeau unfavourably, while 40% view him favourably.

That gives Trudeau a net -20 rating.

Scheer’s numbers are better, with 46% viewing him favourably and 54% viewing him unfavourably. That gives Scheer a net -8 rating.

And while Jagmeet Singh’s recent by-election win gives him the chance to reset his image, he’s starting from a brutally low point.

Just 36% view him favourably, while 64% view him unfavourably.

Singh’s net -28 rating is by far the worst.

Overall, these are more bad numbers for Trudeau, with polls also showing the Liberals falling behind the Conservatives.

However, the Conservatives and NDP have more work to do, as their leaders are not exactly popular either.

Still, Trudeau’s numbers are looking dangerous for the incumbent PM, as his support is dropping as the election gets closer.

Spencer Fernando

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pancake rachel corrie

the definition of decline……when even andrew scheer is viewed more favorably

Caroline Grieve

Is it true that Jagmeet Singh is not legally allowed to enter India because of terrorist ties? If that is true that is VERY SCARY. No wonder we are now known internationally as a corrupt country. Oh how far we have fallen.

Brian Dougan

Scheer’s more popular than Trudeau? That’s not saying much. Bozo the Clown would have better poll numbers than spineless Scheer.

Brian Dougan

Ah–My first ever thumbs down. Must be a die-hard Scheer supporter.

shawn harris

Trudeau and his sleazy way of doing politics in Canada has given him exactly what he has worked so hard to achieve, a low and getting much lower standing in the minds of voters. Trudeau has decided to be a gambler from the start, by making the Liberal party and his government , to be all about himself. And lately, Trudeau has been rolling snake eyes with the dice, SNC Lavalin amongst so many other less notable scandals. The voting public have not only tuned out Trudeau’s twisted mixed messaging and half truths and lies, they are now starting to… Read more »

Glen Davidson

One ” Liberal Globalist Liar” versus “The Conservative Globalist Liar”; Canada does not need Politicians , really , political parties are a corrupt creation from the 17th century. Democracy is worst than Feudalism, it make everyone a debt slave to a corrupt system of extortionist.