WATCH: Trudeau Responds To Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Devastating Testimony

Trudeau is facing growing calls to resign.

Justin Trudeau is responding to the devastating testimony of Jody Wilson-Raybould.

You can watch his comments in the video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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don morris

We no longer believe anything you say,PM Trudeau. You have changed your story daily and the lies are too many layers thick now for you to have any credibility.


Ivan Hawkes

Jody I wonder if you can describe what it feels like now knowing you have been thrown under a speeding bus by Justin’s words? Man he dumped oon you and spewed a little pile of BS to make himself look good (which certainly didn’t work).

Ralph Knapp

I’m using my shovel to clear this huge load of bullpoop except the Turd speaking

Marion Leyland

He is a true narcissist, and he’s full of BS! He has never acted for all Canadians and still doesn’t. He is totally smoke and mirrors. And once again, he just brought in Harper’s name in his answer in French.


If as he claims he has nothing to hide then why did it take him so long to give Ms. Wilson-Raybould even just a small window to express what happened and how she felt and not just open the door all they way for her to tell her ENTIRE side of things. I for one have never had faith in this man nor will I ever I don’t think he should have been elected. Due to what testimony that has been given though, I think he should step aside and take his high level officials with him that felt it… Read more »


First the woman Trudeau groped in Kokanee, now Jody Wilson-Raybould. Funny how women always seem to perceive things differently than the feminist Prime Minister does.

Ben Eby

Now that Canadians know the truth courtesy of Jody Wilson Raybould, we can be assured that Trudeau will try to lie, sweet talk and manipulate the great unread amongst us into believing his newly concocted responses. This is now a criminal matter, however, and we will be watching as the obvious and the truth wreak havoc on the last days of JTs tenure in Ottawa!

Moe S.

Dear Canadians, you have witnessed a classic example of a person with sociopathic characteristics. Mental health professionals warning to those who are unsuspecting prey around such people is this, “you don’t have to look bad to be bad. There are many snakes who wear suits.”


Trudeau should know that you’re supposed to conduct these sorts of meetings on an airport tarmac in Phoenix, heh.

He chose a more honest attorney general than Obama did, though Heck, Trump’s first AG wasn’t that honest.

Carolyn McDonald

Ask the PM about the loss of 100,000 plus jobs in Alberta. How can he stand there and bold faced lie about that minor issue. Deflect, deflect ,deflect. The issue here is how he as well as his senior team pressured JWR to put aside criminal proceedings to SNC Lavalin. He should stand aside. His resignation should be given immediately.

Leo Frey

Not a damned thing this POS says us even close to the truth. He is definitely a sociopath. Notice that everytime he is lieing he talks about standing up for canadians and Canadian jobs even though it has nothing to do with the question. If standing up for Canadian jobs is so important to this liar then why has he not stood up for Alberta jobs and used his power to push through the TMX pipeline? Again, he can’t open his mouth without lieing or blaming Harper. Stephen Harper is sitting back today and laughing at this fool. He pegged… Read more »

Doug Maenpaa

Methinks, this is a good opportunity to run Trudeau out of the party.
There are many who are appalled at his poor judgement, on so many matters.

Eric Blair

Resign now!