BREAKING: With Government Under Siege, Trudeau To Shuffle Federal Cabinet

The government says it’s to fill the Veterans Affairs post, but will Trudeau replacing wavering members with hardcore loyalists?

Justin Trudeau is going to shuffle the federal cabinet tomorrow.

The government claims the cabinet shuffle is about filling the Veterans Affairs post vacated by Jody Wilson-Raybould.

However, something to watch for is whether Trudeau replaces some of the federal cabinet members who in the past expressed support for Jody Wilson-Raybould with his hardcore cronies.

The government is trying to project a united front, but it’s likely that behind the scenes, there is big time internal division and chaos. There may be MPs who no longer wish to serve Trudeau, and want to get out of the cabinet ASAP.

We will find out tomorrow.

Spencer Fernando


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There will always be the ability to arrange seating for honest and moral Canadian Politicians who walk away and leave the Dark Side. They can’t let Trudeau and his handlers drag them down. What an awful legacy to tell their children – I was afraid to take a stand against corruption and bribery.

Lance Boyle

Given all the evidence on how Trudeau is ethically-challenged and has no real dispute with corrupt practices, maybe he really is gunning for top job at the U.N. Lord knows he certainly matches the two most important job qualifications.