Terrible: Liberal MP Says Wilson-Raybould “Couldn’t Handle The Stress” And Had “A Lack Of Experience”

Didn’t take long for the PMO to start up the smear campaign.

It looks like the attempt to smear Jody Wilson-Raybould following her bombshell testimony has begun.

Liberal MP Jati Sidhu made the following appalling remarks, as reported by AbbyNews:

“But Sidhu, the first-term Liberal MP representing the sprawling Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon riding, said he didn’t find Wilson-Raybould’s words to be alarming. Sidhu said the discussions about prosecuting SNC-Lavalin were “normal.”

“It’s a discussion: they do it every day, every time,” he said.

Sidhu repeatedly said that if Wilson-Raybould was unhappy, she should have resigned immediately. He chalked up her discomfort to “a lack of experience,” and said she’s not “a team player.”

“The way she’s acting, I think she couldn’t handle the stress,” he said. “I think there’s somebody else behind – maybe her father – pulling the strings.”’

He also called her testimony “sour grapes.”

What a gross thing to say by Sidhu.

Sidhu then apologized:

“I apologize without reservation to the Member of Vancouver Granville for my inappropriate comments. Both inside and outside of the House, it is important to treat everyone with respect.”

Of course, this is exactly how these things work.

The attacks are thrown out, then ‘withdrawn,’ but of course are still out there.

Expect more of this kind of stuff, and from anonymous sources, in an effort by the Trudeau PMO to ruin Jody Wilson-Raybould’s credibility.

Yet, having seen her testimony, most Canadians will believe what she’s saying, while Trudeau and his cronies will keep seeing their credibility evaporate.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Messianic Jew

It has nothing to do with “inexperience”. It has everything to do with not having been in the position long enough to have become corrupted. And even then, judging from her very decent and honourable father, she would have been true to her own sense of honor, ethics and human decency and to her oath. Now, it has come to the point that any and all who criticize her (out of hand) without any corroboration, or supportive witnesses and/or testimony are therefore just as corrupt, evil, despicable and dishonourable as Trudeau, Butts, Morneau and the Speaker of the House. The… Read more »

pancake rachel corrie

this is great stuff , they are showing their true colours now ….Ive been waiting for this since 2015

pancake rachel corrie

hes absolutely right , Crony Capitalism is epidemic in our government

“It’s a discussion: they do it every day, every time,” he said


No experience….just like her former Boss. That’s rich.


So he loads mouth before brain..then apologizes….and that makes it ok! Nope! Perhaps in Liberal land, but not in real life, ans not from a very seasoned adult. JWR said “I was taught to always be careful of what you say because you cannot take it back”. It is unfortunate that Mr.Sidhu did not hear this or perhaps he does not have the social grace to comprehend that statement.

shawn harris

So much for Trudeau’s so called respect for women and to believe what they say as the truth. In Trudeau’s mind you are only to respected for telling the truth, just so long as you say what Trudeau wants to hear.
Now that Trudeau has let loose the dogs of war, in his desperate attempt to once again deflect attention away from his guilt, Canadians can expect to see more of Trudeau’s hypocrisy about gender equality, respect and support for women.


Give me JW-R kind of “lack of experience” over PMO/LPC lack of integrity any day.


What a schitt head, I guess he still thinks he’s in his home country which maybe WW3 of late and this is allowed, should have stayed in the British Comwealth. The action of the former AG Jody Wilson Raybould is exactly how a elected MP should act, she can stand tall for the way she handled herself. Jati Sidhu you are obviously just a bobble head knotting away of late a lot of your type are shaking your heads in a circle not knowing how to live under the Liberal condition, go back to your blueberries farm!

Arie Intveld

… and Sidhu just had to weaponize and use the word “reservation” in his insincere retraction. What Sidhu’s hollow apology is really saying is that FN people can’t be trusted. He needs to be shamed into resignation (just like boss).


“Both inside and outside of the House, it is important to treat everyone with respect.” ”
Respect is earned. Keep working at it, Sidhu, in a few years you might earn enough for a down payment. Till then, shut up and mind your own business. Trying to gain brownie points with a suspected criminal is pathetic.