Majority Of Canadians Want SNC-Lavalin To Face Criminal Trial

If – as seems likely – Justin Trudeau tries to give SNC-Lavalin a sweetheart deal after removing Jody Wilson-Raybould from the Attorney General post, he’ll be totally offside with what Canadians want.

Justin Trudeau’s corrupt attempts to give SNC-Lavalin a sweetheart deal by pressuring Jody Wilson-Raybould is totally offside with the views of the Canadian People.

That’s according to a new Nanos poll, first reported by CTV News and the Globe & Mail.

According to the poll, 55% say SNC-Lavalin should face a criminal trial. By contrast, 35% say they should get a remediation agreement.

Notably, the only province in which there is more support for a remediation (deferred prosecution) is in Quebec – the province in which SNC-Lavalin is headquartered. 48% of Quebec residents say they want remediation. But notably, opinion in the province is still quite split, with 41% saying SNC-Lavalin should face a criminal trial. 11% say they are unsure.

In addition to the questions on SNC-Lavalin, respondents were also asked to pick the most ethical party leader.

Elizabeth May – who doesn’t have the burden of being close to power – is rated as the most ethical by 23%. Opposition leader Andrew Scheer is in second, with 21% picking him as the most ethical. Trudeau follows with 17%, and Jagmeet Singh (as always) finds himself far behind at just 6%.

The numbers are bad news for Trudeau, who made ethical leadership a big part of his political branding effort. He promised a ‘new way of doing politics,’ and said he would run the most ‘open and transparent’ government ever because ‘sunshine is the best disinfectant.’ Clearly, Canadians are seeing that all of Trudeau’s talk of ethics was total BS.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I do not want this to go away. On TV he is spinning Climtae Change and acting as everything is fine. What can we do? Please make suggestions. Thank you


If we are going to make bribing the government legal, could we please get a breakdown on amount the fine (bribe) should be according to number of employees? That would give other businesses more information to use when planning. A sunny way to fairness.

Major Tom

Considering that the RCMP Commissioner is a Trudeau appointee…..I don’t see this corruption seeing much of the light of day…..

Eleanor Merkus

Has Trudeau ever managed to tell the truth? If the company was in Alberta, he would go after them with all his power. Quebec now and it’s highly unlikely. Should NEVER have been elected. Too corrupt. Merry


The Gropenfeuhrer has a history of using indigenous folks as props. Thus we saw his use of Patrick Brazeau who “fit the narrative” so he could try and look tough to prop up his image. Thus we see how he appointed Jody Wilson-Raybould as AG in order to fit his diversity/feminist facade. When he no longer needed to do so, he jettisoned her. This man is a vile hypocrite… anyone with any sense of morality can support him is beyond me.


Latest headline from The Guardian…….”Trudeau tells P.E.I. Liberals his political opponents are playing up ‘division and fear’” The desperate hypocrite-in-chief trying to steer the narrative in another direction… pathetic he is.

Don Taylor

Turdeau was a liar from the beginning