Communist China Revokes Canada’s Richardson International Ltd’s Canola Shipment Registration

It could be a serious blow to Canada’s agribusiness sector, and it shows once again that the Communist State cannot be trusted.

In what appears to be a clear attack on Canada’s economy by China’s Communist State following Canada’s decision to allow extradition proceedings in the case of Meng Wanzhou, China has revoked Richardson International Ltd’s registration to ship Canola into China.

According to Reuters, “Richardson spokeswoman Hayley Johnson confirmed that China revoked the company’s import permit for canola, after Reuters earlier reported a document listing approved shippers posted on the website of the Chinese customs administration on March 1 showed the cancellation. The document is a revised version of a notice first posted on Jan. 14. A note beside the entry for Richardson International in the latest document reads: “Canola export registration already canceled.”

This further confirms what I’ve been saying for sometime. Communist China cannot be trusted, and we must start decoupling our economy from China and moving towards greater inter-provincial trade and stronger trade relations with ideologically aligned countries – including India.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube