Communist China Revokes Canada’s Richardson International Ltd’s Canola Shipment Registration

It could be a serious blow to Canada’s agribusiness sector, and it shows once again that the Communist State cannot be trusted.

In what appears to be a clear attack on Canada’s economy by China’s Communist State following Canada’s decision to allow extradition proceedings in the case of Meng Wanzhou, China has revoked Richardson International Ltd’s registration to ship Canola into China.

According to Reuters, “Richardson spokeswoman Hayley Johnson confirmed that China revoked the company’s import permit for canola, after Reuters earlier reported a document listing approved shippers posted on the website of the Chinese customs administration on March 1 showed the cancellation. The document is a revised version of a notice first posted on Jan. 14. A note beside the entry for Richardson International in the latest document reads: “Canola export registration already canceled.”

This further confirms what I’ve been saying for sometime. Communist China cannot be trusted, and we must start decoupling our economy from China and moving towards greater inter-provincial trade and stronger trade relations with ideologically aligned countries – including India.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Stop all imports from China. Build Canadian factories and put our country back to an independent Country. I cannot see things being much more expensive companies are charging Hugh profits from products being built in sweat shops


I wouldn’t use canola oil either. Most of it is GMO (genetically modified) and is contaminated it poisonous agricultural chemicals. Even at it’s best it is good for use in rubber production, not food. China may be doing it for political reasons, but the positive health implications follow none the less. We should ban 5G for health reasons. Since we won’t, let’s ban 5G for political reasons and likewise positive health results will follow.

Ken (Kulak)

If this status is maintained it will not be “could be a serious blow to agribusiness”, it ‘will be a serious blow to’ western agribusiness.

I am a retired grain farmer in Saskatchewan and we already noticed int eh 1980s that as the Chinese household became more affluent the housewife would purchase canola oil. Each decade since has seen increased sales of canola to China and these sales are a significant percentage of Canada’s overall exports.


You are absolutely right. I’ve never trusted china. All they think about is money, they steal technology, will drive a species into extinction because of their greed and have no manners or concept about fairness.
Canada should have nothing to do with china.


Well said Spencer. I would love to see Canada ban all communist countries from importing any and all products to this country.Many other countries would gladly trade with us.I hope we will be a sovereign nation once again.