POLL: 67% Of Canadians Believe Jody Wilson-Raybould Over Trudeau

Disastrous numbers for the PM, as the vast majority of Canadians don’t believe him.

A new Ipsos poll has some devastating numbers for Justin Trudeau, as the PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal deepens and takes an escalating toll on his image.

According to the survey, 67% of Canadians believe Jody Wilson-Raybould on the issue, while just 33% believe Trudeau.

What makes those numbers so terrible for Trudeau is the fact that 39.7% voted Liberal in the last election. That gap is a huge warning sign for the Liberals as the election gets closer, as it shows that Trudeau’s deceptive talking points aren’t even working on those the Liberals were counting on to vote for them again.

And beyond that, it confirms that the overwhelming majority of Canadians simply don’t believe the words coming out of the PM’s mouth.

This makes total sense.

As I said yesterday, if someone who worked so closely with Justin Trudeau – former Treasury Board President Jane Philpott – doesn’t believe Justin Trudeau, why should anyone else believe him?

“If Jane Philpott doesn’t believe what Justin Trudeau is telling Canadians, how can anyone else believe a word he says?”


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Trudeau leaves you with the impression that he just makes stuff up as he goes along when he’s talking.

Messianic Jew

I am embarrassed to admit that I am shocked to learn that even any one believed Trudeau over these two ladies. He is so patently deceitful and a liar. That 30%+ must be either stoned when they were listening to his BS or what I truly believe, is that they did not listen to one single word of his rebuttal comments. Canadians are the laughing stock of the world, they truly are.


That 33 % who believe Trudeau must be the stupidest Canada has to offer.

shawn harris

Trudeau doesn’t understand that being honest brings with it the trust and acceptance of those who listen to you. Whereas lying just forces you, Trudeau to continue to lie and cover up the first lies you said, in the desperate and vain hope your lies won’t be discovered. And, even now, Trudeau still can’t bring himself to say that he lied and not Raybould. Trudeau is trapped by his fake virtuousness, arrogance , deceit and an insatiable need to gratify his narcissistic and massive ego. The most ironic part of this scandal and Trudeau’s messaging so far is his now… Read more »


trudope lied to the voters before being elected but like good indoctrinated libtards didn’t matter.


and the remaining 33% were Liberals and or NDP.


Screw you trudope and the gold limo you ride in.Jail for you still wouldn’t justify all the damages you caused this once upstanding country.