FORUM POLL: Conservatives Would Win Majority Government If Election Held Today

Of course, the election is not being held today. Still, the numbers show the Liberals are being weighed down by the PMO scandal.

A new Forum Research poll is tracking closely to the results of a recent Ipsos poll, showing an emerging trend of damage to the Liberals from the PMO scandal.

Here are the key results:

Conservatives – 42%

Liberals – 33%

NDP – 12%

Greens – 5%

People’s Party – 4%

Bloc – 3%

According to those numbers, Forum says the Conservatives would win a majority government with 185 seats. The Liberals would fall to 129, the NDP would lose almost half their seats falling to 18, the Bloc would win 5, and the Greens would win 1.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Wow I guess the Laurentian elites and foreign controlled Lieberal party will have to do more advertising in their paid out media now for THEIR creation of Max Bernier’s ccp party ( who I have only ever heard ridicule the Conservative party even though Bernier tried so hard to be it’s leader, never heard him talk against any other party?) since they are so low in the poles, people must finally be checking the real facts on this man? Finally people realize all of this governments lies against the Conservatives, and maybe now realize that the Conservatives are quite truthful… Read more »


It’s time for the RCMP to ask whether Butts ( or his family members) and Trudeau have shares in SNC Lavalin. It’s the only thing that makes sense to explain why Butts bolted out the door so fast, claiming that he doesn’t want Trudeau to feel pressured by his presence! What??? It was observed that he had meetings with Lavalin executives in their offices a dozen times at least. This is an inordinate amount of meetings…sounds like desperation. SNC Lavalin shares had tanked, and if Butts had a lot of them, this would compromise him. He would feel compelled and… Read more »


As everything gets worse…they again toss bandages onto the breaking dam…
Not a dressing any core problems.


Thanks for your tireless devotion Spencer.Not only the scandalous decit but thousands of families are losing everything and having to claim bankruptcy.This trudope has caused so much more pain and unjustified suffering.What this socialist dictator has caused will take years to remedy.


Trusseau Trudope has managed to bankrupt this generation plus future ones all at the same time in only 3 years. How do like being Trudeau’s ‘ basket case’ Post national State…ie. a banana republic ?


By the time this is all over the Liberals will be lucky to win 6 seats. 3 in Montreal, one in Toronto and 2 others.


The people have awoken. They are not ready for Trudeaus’s post national state.

May Canada survive another 150 plus years.