FORUM POLL: Conservatives Would Win Majority Government If Election Held Today

Of course, the election is not being held today. Still, the numbers show the Liberals are being weighed down by the PMO scandal.

A new Forum Research poll is tracking closely to the results of a recent Ipsos poll, showing an emerging trend of damage to the Liberals from the PMO scandal.

Here are the key results:

Conservatives – 42%

Liberals – 33%

NDP – 12%

Greens – 5%

People’s Party – 4%

Bloc – 3%

According to those numbers, Forum says the Conservatives would win a majority government with 185 seats. The Liberals would fall to 129, the NDP would lose almost half their seats falling to 18, the Bloc would win 5, and the Greens would win 1.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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