MANSPLAINING: Jody Wilson-Raybould Said Her Mind Was Made Up On SNC-Lavalin. Gerald Butts Said It “Wasn’t” Possible For Her Mind To Be Made Up. What The Hell?

He then said she should have considered more evidence, but when asked if he knew of more evidence, he said “no.” What a fail.

Gerald Butts’ testimony went off the rails when he condescendingly claimed that it “wasn’t” possible for Jody Wilson-Raybould to have made up her mind on SNC-Lavalin.

Except, she had repeatedly said that her mind was made up.

It’s a stunning statement, both for its total disrespect for Jody Wilson-Raybould’s decision in her role, and for the revealing glimpse it gives into the mindset of the Trudeau PMO.

Jody Wilson-Raybould made up her mind. She said “no” to giving SNC-Lavalin a deferred prosecution. The PMO didn’t like her answer. So, they simply ignored the fact that her mind was made up and kept pushing and pushing and pushing over and over and over again.

That’s improper pressure.

That’s political interference.

That is appalling.

And that is unacceptable.

Gerald Butts isn’t helping the Trudeau Liberals, he’s only exposing the arrogance and disregard for rules that is clearly infecting the PMO.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Randy Selkirk

Good people can see through this facade . Muddying the water and that is all.


Butts even admitted that Lavalin did not qualify for remedial opportunities.


So the Libs voted against an motion to order the production of communications from the PMO.
So here they are again obstructing. They don’t want the evidence to come out.


Perhaps he is helping Canada though by further exposing the mindset and practises of the PMO. It has also been reported that he basically said that because the law was put in place by Harper, he didn’t like it, implying that he really didn’t see any need to comply with it either. The law is the law and if the report is true then he has again done a great service to the Canadian people in this expose!


Regardless of what dear Gerald said it was Lisa Raitt in question period that exposed him for what he is. She got him to lie and to actually confirm the lie. Brilliant! So therefore his entire so called testimony has zero value. Thank you LISA!!!! Joy is listening to this over and over and passing it on to everyone I know.

Moe S.

According to Butts, they were all one big happy Liberal family, until the ungrateful Jody ruined it all. No one in the Liberal family knew she was unhappy. How was I or papa Trudeau to know? She never said anything about her unhappiness. Hell, I just found out last week. She had nothing to be unhappy about. Papa Trudeau and I being the nice people we truly are, give her everything, and this is how she pays us back. Yeah, Gerald Butts did a good job portraying himself, Trudeau and the Liberal family as the victims. Ironically, it was Trudeau… Read more »

shawn harris

Gerry Butts must really love falling on his sword, especially when it involves his best friend Trudeau. First time he fell on it, was because he said repeatedly i have done nothing wrong and am resigning. Now he has decided to fall on his sword again, while doing his best impersonation of Trudeau explaining his innocence and talking for Raybould. It is rather obvious that both Trudeau and Butts are in an echo chamber hearing just their words and proclaiming themselves virtuous and innocent. If this is the best defence Trudeau can come up with, confirming exactly what Raybould said,… Read more »

Penelope Trottier

What a crock of BS. This is a joke so what’s next Trudeau is going to say oh I’m sorry. Wow, ashamed ashamed of this government. What the hell was the oppositions doing during all of this just twiddling their thumbs? The same thing, mention it once then let it go away.


I would give my right arm to see Lisa Raitt cross-examine Trudeau…

alan skelhorne

i would love too see pierre polievre cross examined trudeau n the butts behind closed doors, so one of the two, couldn,t hear what they were saying. boy can i dream. lol.


Steve, I agree that would be a real show, Lisa Raitt is one really intellegent no nonsense person, Trudeau and Butts look like untrustworthy lying fools, next to her Canada really needs her, she has some very good ideas for this country too, I have heard. Thank you Lisa Raitt.
The Conservatives will need a long time to clean up the LIEberal mess, just like Butts and the LIEberals left Ontario in-they even wiped the computers and shredded the evidence.

George in Lotus Land

An NGO-centric policy wonk telling THE TOP LAWYER in Canada how to do her job.