WATCH: Lisa Raitt DEMOLISHES Hapless Partisan Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick


Michael Wernick has been upset about all the criticism he’s getting.

He even whined like a little baby about all the ‘mean’ tweets he got.

Well, that criticism is about to get much worse.

During testimony (not under oath of course) at the Justice Committee, Wernick was absolutely destroyed by Lisa Raitt.

He was unable to give coherent answers, appeared to be using the same talking points as Trudeau & his cronies (despite claiming to be ‘non-partisan), and made a total fool of himself.

It was an amazing job by Lisa Raitt who cut right to the key questions, and Wernick was pathetically awful at responding.

Here’s a key part:

“At committee, Lisa Raitt questions Michael Wernick about his phone conversation with Kevin Lynch, chair of SNC-Lavalin board and a former privy council clerk.

Raitt: Don’t you see that Lynch’s easy access to your office “is a problem for this country”?
Wernick: “No.”

Here’s the full moment featuring Lisa Raitt, and Charlie Angus’ questions are pretty good as well (Relevant section starts at 1:25:18):

Raitt absolutely crushed him.

The fact that the former Clerk of the Privy Council is chair of the board at SNC-Lavalin is just a total disgrace and makes it clear who the system is working for.

And now, based on Wernick’s appalling performance, the scandal looks even deeper and even worse.

Things got so bad for Wernick that he was reduced to saying he “wasn’t wearing a wire,” as if not being like an undercover snitch is now the standard of government ethics.

This was another terrible day for the Trudeau government, and it’s a disturbing day for the Canadian People.

With the most powerful bureaucrat now clearly acting like a partisan allied with Justin Trudeau, the whole system is seemingly beyond repair.

That entire group – Trudeau and Wernick especially – has no moral authority to govern our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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