“Remember Your Reactions?” Liberal MP Calls Out Hypocrite Trudeau On Twitter

Even Liberal MPs can’t stand the smarmy garbage coming out of Trudeau’s mouth.

During his remarks on the PMO Scandal, Justin Trudeau once again devolved into his usual smarmy mode when facing criticism.

He started giving a lecture on his supposed leadership style.

Yet, even some Liberal MPs aren’t buying his garbage anymore.

Here’s what MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes tweeted after Trudeau’s remarks

‘“I believe real leadership is about listening, learning & compassion…central to my leadership is fostering an environment where my Ministers, caucus & staff feel comfortable coming to me when they have concerns” I did come to you recently. Twice. Remember your reactions?”



Just imagine what insane stuff is happening behind the scenes.

Imagine how Trudeau is really treating people if we’re seeing that kind of response to his speech from someone in his own party.

Trudeau has been lying for years and years and years, and his entire image is a total fraud.

Now, even some Liberals are calling out that fraud, and all Canadians need to unite against Trudeau and his dangerous cronies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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