Scheer Rips Trudeau For “Attempt To Justify & Normalize Corruption”

Trudeau’s speech on the PMO Scandal has been widely panned.

Andrew Scheer is responding to Justin Trudeau’s remarks on the PMO scandal.

Here’s what Scheer said on Twitter:

“What we heard from Justin Trudeau was an attempt to justify and normalize corruption. It’s clearer than ever that inside his government, political interference and contempt for the rule of law are a matter of course. This is a PM who has lost the moral authority to govern.”

“Mr. Trudeau today spoke of an “erosion of trust.” On this, he is correct. The real erosion of trust in this whole affair is between Justin Trudeau and Canadians. His is a government that cannot be redeemed. It must be defeated. Conservatives are ready.”

Trudeau’s remarks have been widely criticized, in large part because of his refusal to apologize, and the fact that he basically confirmed everything Jody Wilson-Raybould said, but then dismissed it all as a ‘misunderstanding.’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Go Andrew Scheer and Conservatives! Sanity, trust, and equal laws for all Canadians must be returned to politics, Canada must be freed and undivided, we must get out of debt so we can be a healthy growing nation, no more United Nations human trafficking ( global migration ) no more of these foreign bought out puppet governments, etc.

peter black

Going down the road of a dictatorship and Environmental Communism. Butts and Trudeau are extremely dangerous to our Canadian democracy. They have brainwashed their political donors and many young people that “SUNNY DAYS” are ahead. Nothing is further from the truth,


Trudeau is the kind of guy who, even if he loses the election this Fall, will show up at the PMO the very next day as if nothing at all happened, saying that he didn’t know Canadians had lost confidence in his government, but he learned a lot from the election, and then just try to resume being Prime Minister. Maybe nothing short of giving him the bum’s rush will get him out of there. He has no shame.


The DPA legislation section 715.32 (2) “the prosecutor must not consider the national economic interest”. Why have no one, be ut media or opposition asked Trudeau and or his staff why they thought SVC had impunity and continued to pressure JWR.

Robert Rice

Corruption is normal for liberals. trudeau talks at times about his government “”raising the bar””, and he certainly has done this. This present day liberal government has certainly raised the bar on just how corrupt they can be. In fact they have pole vaulted to the highest level of corruption this country has ever seen. trudeau doesn’t have to try and normalize corruption, liberal parties have always been corrupt, it is normal of them. trudeau has just taken it to a higher level, he raised the bar and soared well over it. trudeau and company, the most corrupt government this… Read more »