Vice Admiral Mark Norman Can’t Get Access To His Own Emails To Defend Himself. So Why Did Gerald Butts Get Access To His?

Two standards of justice: One for the powerful elites connected to Justin Trudeau and the corrupt power structure, another for Canadians like Mark Norman who patriotically serve our nation.

Vice Admiral Mark Norman is currently in court fighting for access to his own records – including emails and documents that would be essential for his ability to defend himself. And defending ourselves in court is a fundamental right of all Canadians.

Yet, the Trudeau government has kept stonewalling over and over again, denying Norman access to his own emails, and denying him a fair defense.

That’s what made Gerald Butts’ testimony quite interesting from the perspective of justice. Because, Butts’ repeatedly referenced text messages and emails produced on government-owned devices when he was in government service.

How did Butts get access to those records?

Why did he get it so quick?

Why didn’t the Trudeau government block him like they’re blocking Admiral Mark Norman?

It’s because there are two standards of justice in our nation.

There’s one standard for people like Gerald Butts, who are connected to powerful elites like Justin Trudeau.

And there’s another standard for the rest of us who aren’t part of the elitist club. Even people who served our nation at the highest level like Admiral Mark Norman aren’t part of the elitist ruling class, so they get the full weight of the system thrown against them.

The whole thing is totally corrupt.

Spencer Fernando

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Norbert Kausen

It is because Vice-Admiral Norman is in a KANGAROO Court!!! The Fiberal communist party is at work, being a corrupt, criminal cabal!

Colyne Gibbons

There’s different rules as well as laws in Canada. Perhaps the uncovering of this can of worms will wake Canadians up, one can only hope. The laws of accepted Quebec corruption which include Trudeau, Butts and Liberal MP’s who look the other way, described as the elites, then we have “race based laws” described as applicable to Indigenous & Metis, then we have laws for the taxpayer, who is also expected to provide economic support to these separate bodies who are privileged by association.

Messianic Jew

I can tell you from first hand personal experience. NO Federal Government emails are ever destroyed. NOT A ONE!!


We all know why Trudeau is blocking Admiral Norman’s access to those files it is because Scot Brison would be implicated in another up coming scandal. A scandal which the Trudeau can not escape later this year.

Penelope Trottier

Disgusted and outraged again, I cannot think of one thing in the last few months or before that has made me the least bit happy at what the liberal government has done.


Favoritism and corruption

David MacKAY

Butts got his notes etc because he is supporting Trudeau’s Criminal Activity – Norman on the other hand is questioning Trudeaus Criminal Activity. It’s really quite simple to understand isn’t it?

Leena Gouin

Doesn’t the defense have a right to all evidence being used against them and any and all evidence which can be used to exonerate him? That seems illegal to me


because they are Trudeaus buddies and you are not they are crooks

Ken (Kulak)

“It’s because there are two standards of justice in our nation.

There’s one standard for people like Gerald Butts, who are connected to powerful elites like Justin Trudeau.

And there’s another standard for the rest of us who aren’t part of the elitist club.”

Spencer, you nailed it with those thoughts. The Laurentian Elite takes care of its own.

David Taggart

Spencer Fernando is a national leader for honest political commentary from a conservative perspective in Canada!!! His research and insights are accurate and a much needed balance to offset the gross bias afforded by MSM outlets like the CBC, CTV, GLOBAL etc. who are bought and paid for with hugh taxpayer funded infusions of cash by the Liberal government exceeding $2 billion over the past 18 months!!! Funds Spencer Fernando, Ezra Levant, or Candice Malcomb, had any claim to either!!! Please help support their efforts to maintain fair and balanced treatment of the issues facing all CANADIANS TODAY!!!

S Willis

I would not be surprised in the least if Butts personally accessed his own records. Given all of the underhandedness, it is highly questionable as to whether his IT access and possession of government assets was indeed terminated on the date of his resignation. The PM and those in the PMO have demonstrated that they believe themselves to be above rules, regulations and laws. These pesky restrictions only apply to we common folk to keep us in line after all.

Karen Anderson

What do you expect !!!!