WATCH LIVE: Trudeau Speaks About Escalating PMO SNC-Lavalin Scandal

Keep in mind, he is still stopping Jody Wilson-Raybould from fully speaking freely.

Justin Trudeau – who originally called the PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal – “false,” is speaking about it. His remarks come a day after his former top adviser Gerald Butts spoke about it.

As many have noted, while Trudeau and Butts are speaking freely, Justin Trudeau is still using his power to stop Jody Wilson-Raybould from fully speaking freely.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I really wish he’d stop talking about “helping the middle class”. As long as he has been Prime Minister, he has only made life harder for the middle class, (unless the middle class he refers to is the middle class from Syria). He certainly hasn’t helped any middle class people in Canada that I know of.


a bunch of crooks or he would let her speak freely !!!


If it’s considered “political theater” to swear under oath, and you’re considered under oath when testifying to a Parliamentary committee, why bother having JWR swear-in under oath? Such bulls**t


These Liberal politicians are going to skate through this scandal unless another Liberal cabinet minister resigns in disgust of the corruption.

Norbert Kausen

“Erosion of trust”????!!!! HAHAHA… lets try the complete and utter DESTRUCTION of what ever trust SOME Canadians had for this crook! Other Canadians knew just how bad he was and NEVER voted for him! That corrupt gangster and his gang of liberal reprehensibles should and MUST resign! NOW!!!

Diane DiFlorio

The only words out of that LIAR’s mouth I want to hear are;


This isn’t over yet were now moving to Act 2 Scene 4…

Diane DiFlorio

JOBS? JOBS? You mention it’s your responsibility to look after the well being of Canadians and do everything you can to “protect jobs” – “to grow our economy” – “to ensure that pensioners and workers are protected”
— HEAR THIS — What about all those jobs out West on the Pipeline ??????

Moe S.

The definition of leadership is one who leads by example.
Trudeau, the insufferable sanctimonious moralist has confirmed in this self-serving speech, he will indeed continue to serve criminals and not the people of Canada. He is a danger to Canada’s rule of law. The evident false self-confidence he is portraying in this video is an indication he believes Butts & Wernick have triumphed
over Jody, he can breath easier. Sooo…wrong he will be in the weeks ahead.


Both Butts and Trudeau spoke of how important the Indigenous file was and that is why they appointed Jody. If that were any where true then why would they appoint Shamus Oregan? The most incompetent MP in the Liberal Party. They must have told him stay out of sight, say nothing to anyone, do not go out in public, ride in a Taxi or walk down a street. Do not accept phone calls or answer e-mails. All of that will be done through the PM’s office.


Arrogant, pompous POS!! And then his “statement” this morning really put another if not last nail in the coffin. He is all about paying the blame/victim game and lying through his teeth (wonder where he learned that? He is definitely more concerned about his buddies SNC than Canadians trust & faith and what is legal and credible!! And it sounds so familiar coming from many members of a “special group” in Canada. He does not look attractive or credible!! He actually looks quite ragged!! Jody is far more credible, although she needs to cross the floor from being a Liberal… Read more »


Jody cannot, cannot stand by and allow Justin Trudeau’s demean her decision, her credibility as AG throwing her under the bus. She has to put this narcissist in his place once for all.

Bill Baerg

The Media of this country are nothing more than brain-washed Schills for the Left. Not one single question addresses the 100,000 jobs NOT THREATENED, but completely avoided.

Bill Baerg

Why the hell aren’t the media rolling on the floor and laughing at his idiotic answers?

shawn harris

Justin Trudeau in his remarks about Raybould and SNC Lavalin, still considers his own deliberate attempts to pressure the Attorney General to obstruct justice to be her fault , not his or any of his cabinet or bureaucrats. He still follows his deceitful narrative, that he can speak for Raybould while denying the chance to speak for herself and fully expose Trudeau as the one who started this entire legal mess. Trudeau also likes to try and deflect attention away from his guilt by saying it’s all about saving jobs, thus sending a clear message that corruption at the highest… Read more »

C Thompson

If they have so much learning to do then maybe they shouldn’t be governing the country. Of course he gives his scripted general answers to the important questions. It has been shown that being convicted wouldn’t have cost the jobs like they keep saying. The lies keep coming. She misunderstood. She should have come to me. Blah blah blah.

Van Wyck

Listening to Trudeau speak makes my ears hurt. I hve heard better speeches from 6th graders. What sane person could believe his garbage? (I think I just answered my own question).