Stunning Tweet From Public Prosecution Service Of Canada Reveals Growing Internal Revolt Against Trudeau’s Political Interference

The timing – right after Justin Trudeau’s scandal speech – is a clear rebuke of the PM.

Here’s what the Public Prosecution Service of Canada tweeted after Justin Trudeau’s poorly-received speech on the PMO Scandal:

“Prosecutorial independence is key to our mandate. Our prosecutors must be objective, independent and dispassionate, as well as free from improper influence—including political influence.”

This is stunning.

First of all, the Twitter account was only created in January of 2019.

Its first Tweet was on March 6th.

It has only Tweeted 6 times, and two of those tweets were made after the rebuke.

The timing is unmistakable:

The interference from the Trudeau PMO has set off alarm bells, as the independence of Canada’s judicial system is under unprecedented assault.

As a result of that assault, there appears to be a growing internal revolt against the Trudeau PMO.

The fact that such a tweet was needed shows how dangerous things have become in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Thank goodness for the tweet. Justin Trudeau can not be allowed to kick the rule of law in Canada to the curb.


Definitely time for an independent inquiry, with the power to compel swearing an oath, etc.

S Willis

Being born into wealth and never having to actually work for anything a day in his life, Trudeau is well versed in getting his own way. It was and is his way of life. He expects it without hesitation. He also craves attention and when his vampire need for it is not met he exerts force. How dare anyone tell him that he cannot cover up for his wealthy friends who are used to buying whatever and whomever they want. He is Justin Trudeau… he is PM of Canada… he is Henry the Eighth. Bravo to Kathleen Roussel and Jody… Read more »


Not saying I’m not pleased that PPS is displeased & “revolting” against Trudeau’s interference, that’s good, but wondering if this tweet is an ‘official’ statement? By whom? just a disgruntled taxpayer who happens to work at PPS? Internal gossip? Spencer do you have clearer information?

Brian Dougan

Trudeau doesn’t live in the real world. This became apparent before his election. “The budget will balance itself.” He’s now finds himself in the real world; but still doesn’t “get it.” Hopefully; true justice will prevail.

Ralph Knapp

Trudeau is bringing a feather to a gunfight and believes he’ll be a clear winner. His drama school training is no match for a seasoned professional lawyer. Delusional might be the word of choice to describe Trudeau’s state of mind at this moment.

Ron Condly

Excellent point Spencer. The Public Prosecution Service is used to operating and speaking forth with legal and factual language, untainted by politics which Canadians can trust. Now contrast that with the word salad issued forth ad nauseum by our PM, or the partisan vomit from our Clerk of the Privy Council. Your observation is right on the mark and as usual your timely and concise. Thank you Spencer for your service to the public, your insights and consistent efforts are important and much appreciated, Take care

shawn harris

Here is the proof of Justin Trudeau’s deliberate multiple attempts to obstruct justice. The very thing that Trudeau claims to love and uphold, our rule of law, Canada’s judicial independence, directly telling Trudeau and his loyal minions to stop interfering with judicial independence by way of obstructing justice. Is Trudeau also going to telling Canada’s Public Prosecution Office that he accepts what they say, but disagrees because he sees it differently and has done nothing wrong or illegal. Trudeau just can’t accept or understand, the legal fact that as a PM, politician, he isn’t allowed to meddle in Canada’s judicial… Read more »