Stunning Tweet From Public Prosecution Service Of Canada Reveals Growing Internal Revolt Against Trudeau’s Political Interference

The timing – right after Justin Trudeau’s scandal speech – is a clear rebuke of the PM.

Here’s what the Public Prosecution Service of Canada tweeted after Justin Trudeau’s poorly-received speech on the PMO Scandal:

“Prosecutorial independence is key to our mandate. Our prosecutors must be objective, independent and dispassionate, as well as free from improper influence—including political influence.”

This is stunning.

First of all, the Twitter account was only created in January of 2019.

Its first Tweet was on March 6th.

It has only Tweeted 6 times, and two of those tweets were made after the rebuke.

The timing is unmistakable:

The interference from the Trudeau PMO has set off alarm bells, as the independence of Canada’s judicial system is under unprecedented assault.

As a result of that assault, there appears to be a growing internal revolt against the Trudeau PMO.

The fact that such a tweet was needed shows how dangerous things have become in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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