Attack Of The Clones: Liberal MPs Busted Sending Pre-Written Support Messages For Trudeau, Then Claiming Them As ‘Personal’ Thoughts

Too bad the copy and paste job was obvious.

It continues to be total amateur hour at the Trudeau PMO, as the desperate Trudeau cronies try manufacturing support in the face of his collapsing poll numbers.

With Trudeau having been exposed nationwide as a hypocrite when it comes to his ‘feminist’ rhetoric, including for yelling at a female MP and throwing Jody Wilson-Raybould under the bus, it seems the PMO decided to get some female Liberal MPs to send out a message of support.

It’s a common tactic of political parties, and it’s generally not at all controversial.

Except, in most cases, parties don’t deny they’re doing it.

But in this case, it seems the Liberals – despite the obvious cut and paste situation – tried to pass off the messages as spontaneous personal thoughts of some female MPs.

Of course, the evidence showed quite the opposite:

Hilariously, one Liberal MP tried claiming she wrote the message herself while in her kitchen, as if it was some sort of personal thinking:

“I’m offended by those who say I don’t write my own tweets or that I didn’t experience what I say that I did. I wrote my tweet by myself in my kitchen this morning. If others were inspired by my words to say something similar that is fine. But nobody tells me what to think or say.”

Except, numerous MPs said exactly the same thing – only changing one or two words to try and make it look ‘different.’

Having worked in political offices before, sending out talking points is a regular practice, and this is obviously a botched attempt at crisis communications.

But the problem for the Liberals isn’t that they used the same message, it’s that they tried deceiving people about it.

And this gets to the real problem.

The Liberals are now lying about things that are obvious for all of us to see, which shows a disturbing combination of arrogance and incompetence on the part of the government.

Why not just be honest about it?

Once again, we are seeing that nothing this government does, not even the little things, can be trusted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Taylor

This is typical of the lieberal party starting at the top and lying its way to the bottom, once a liar always a liar just look at Turdeau he cant stop


Oh, for the good old days when adults governed Canada!


DD, there were adults governing but the east decided they wanted a silver spoon trust fund kid to sit in the big chair & this is what you have now.

Ralph Knapp

Meanwhile, the hole the Liberals are digging for themselves gets deeper by the minute. It’s amateur hour at Liberal headquarters bordering on a full blown Gong Show. I think they could easily make Wynne’s plurality look huge come election day.

Joseph Pasher

Wherever liberals go, corruption follows!!!
Corruption is the Liberal Strength.


Just when I thought I couldn’t despise that arrogant, slimy piece of crap any worse than I do, along comes this. He is a complete fraud and a pathological liar who never accepts responsibility for his own actions, but nauseatingly apologizes on behalf of Canadians for things that happened decades ago. Oh – and still blames Harper. Pathetic.

Gordon E Surbey

“Nothing to see here” (lol). So the deceptive virtue signalling and contrived ‘inspirational support” of Trudeau continues, likely ignored by most of the Mainstream Media.

Diane DiFlorio

Well in their defense, they were no doubt terrified of being verbally berated and yelled at if they did not comply.


“Stepford Wives” was a good movie.

Beverley Campbell

One would think that these women posting this generic support memo for our illustrious leader would feel some shame in being caught out in reproducing the very same message, how embarrassing, I guess, however, that they are above shame, or below it, whatever.