REPORT: Celina Caesar-Chavannes’ Husband Confirms That ‘Angry & Hostile’ Trudeau Yelled At Her

The Trudeau fraud continues to be exposed.

Recently, Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes called out Justin Trudeau’s hypocrisy.

Trudeau had been lecturing everyone on his leadership style, which he claimed was about ‘listening’ and making sure people felt comfortable bringing their concerns to him.

Yet, Caesar-Chavannes pointed out that Trudeau’s actual ‘leadership style’ differed from his claims.

She said that he was hostile towards her, and even yelled at her when she said she didn’t want to run again.

The dishonest PMO tried refuting her story, but her husband has pushed back, saying he was in the room and heard the conversation, confirming that Trudeau yelled at her.

“@MPCelina did not get to where she is because she is not strategic or brilliant. She is both. She never will need the PM, PMO, me or anybody else to validate her story, or to understand that “emotional” or “yelling” can be “interpreted differently”. She is fearless.”

“Everything that Celina detailed, related to that call is true. Everything.”

Vidal Chavannes, MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes’ husband, speaking up about his wife’s interactions with Prime Minister Justice Trudeau where she says he yelled at her.”

Once again, Trudeau is exposed as a total fraud.

Behind his so-called ‘feminism’ and ‘listening,’ Trudeau screams and yells at people who don’t do his bidding.

What a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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alan skelhorne

good morning mr. fernando,
i hear through the grapevine, that trudope is no longer living with his wife. thats what a few of my friends in montreal are saying. we know trudope has bought out the media, i am just curious if you have heard anything.
thank you,

Ken (Kulak)

Some of us suspected that this was the real Trudeau when he charged across the House of Commons floor and elbowed a female NDP MP in her upper body parts.


The PC party has uncovered that Trudeau lied about jobs being lost and company threatening to move with long term leases and long term contracts.

Diane DiFlorio

Sounds like another Trudeau meltdown but to him it’s just a common normal event – he’s a psychopath.

Don Taylor

Trudeau a TRUE Narcissisitic nutjob

Geoffrey Paul

Truth is even more beautiful when falsity is unconcealed.

Ivan Hawkes

Of course he would behave like this to people. He’s a spoiled little boy in big boy pants. I imagine him yelling at his nannies while pretending to grow up. It’s no wonder he can’t / won’t relate to the lives of Canadians as he sees himself as being completely superior to all of us. His arrogance and therefore ignorance is like a bright neon sign it’s so obvious. Anyone who might think Justin relates to the common people of Canadian society are delusional and living in a fantasy land of fiction. Justin hates the population of Canada and is… Read more »


Trudeau is like a petulant child and gets angry when he doesn’t get his way. Maybe a baby soother would calm him down. He can’t handle his job so he yells and screams to make himself appear powerful but it constantly backfires.

bob Fry

I believe that the women of the Liberal Cactus will have there backs up with his false prockamination of being a Femmist , 3 1/2 years of listening to preach to the World that he is for equality in his cabinet ,but they have seen and experienced the true Justin Trudeau, he has muzzled his cabinet ministers and made everyone toe the to his party line. Explosive tempers have no place in ou9r today work place, in the old days mamagement could get away with but not today. Mr. Trudeau better understand do not upset a women or her scorn… Read more »


Perhaps the Liberal women’s caucus needs to put Turdo over their collective knees and give him a good spanking. The men of the caucus can’t do it – they don’t have the…you know.