WATCH: Justin Trudeau Stands By And Does Nothing While Indigenous Woman Is Assaulted By Crazed Supporter At One Of His Rallies

Because it’s 2019.

Justin Trudeau made ‘feminism’ and ‘reconciliation’ key parts of his fake political image.

Yet the more Canadians see Trudeau in office, the more we all realize that he’s a total phony.

Another example of that was seen at a recent Trudeau rally, where a crazed Trudeau supporter attacked a woman who was protesting.

The woman who was attacked is Vanessa Gray, an Indigenous woman from Amjiwnaang First Nation.

Video of that incident has now emerged:

The video shows that the assault happened right in front of Trudeau, and he apparently stood by and did nothing while the assault took place.

Instead of taking action or condemning it, Trudeau just stood there and said “oh boy oh boy.”

This is the hostile environment Justin Trudeau has created with his divisive and hateful rhetoric.

As I’ve been saying for a long time, underneath Trudeau’s carefully crafted fake image is tons of rage. And now that he’s being challenged and held accountable, that rage is spilling out into the open and spreading to his supporters.

It’s one more reason Trudeau must be defeated: His anger is tearing Canada apart and making our country a more dangerous place.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


Justin Trudeau is trying to buy the establishment media with a $600 million bribe.
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That is shameful. His entourage didn’t even interfere. Isn’t it common practice to interfere when there is a disruption or am I wrong on this point?


The insane / unhinged look that leftist zombie says it all. #FakeFeministTrudeau , #isisLovingTrudeau must be pleased. Considering trudeau won’t call “honor killing” aligned with sharia law barbaric his lack of concern is par. Purge this liberal disease at the voting booth 2019. Shared.


This is what voters get when they vote for a name with no accomplishments to back it up.

alan skelhorne

lol trudeau do something, really. the feminist is scared of his own shadow. pos that he is.

Don Taylor

I have said many times Turdeau is a Narcissist and the most dangerous man in politics ,a true nutcase,he does not like to be challenged,because then he shows his true colors and they are not good colors

George H. Armstrong

His true colours seem mostly to be RED and YELLOW.


Typical violent actions we commonly see from Liberal antifa and raging Democrats. There was nothing seen from his security goons like they did when they almost broke that woman’s wrist in Quebec when she demanded he pay for illegals. His response then was that she was Islamophobic.

don morris

Where is the security ? At an event like this,the Yanks would have had a dozen security agents near the Prez, why don’t we have the same?
It wasn’t really up to Trudeau to do anything ,the security detail should have jumped on this quickly.

shawn harris

It seems every day now, Trudeau is showing Canadians the real Justin Trudeau. The veil of feminism has given way to the misogynist Justin Trudeau. Who has for too long used feminism as a cover to give himself unearned virtuousness and allow himself to treat women, not with equality and respect, but in a truly twisted misogynistic manner. And when challenged or accused by a women, he drops the pretense of equality and respect and launches into a tirade of anger, claiming they have not supported or respected him, or shown him any love for all the supposed things he… Read more »


I am tired of Justin using ‘women’ to hide behind them to get what HE wants. Yet when women need to speak, be heard, or be treated with respect and be protected from the forces of evil, Justin avoids them. Does Justin care about women? Not a chance!.


Why can I not play the video? Anyone else having trouble?

Elizabeth Thorne

I watched as a Rebel news reporter asked questions of the Trudeau supporters in line for an event, I wondered if perhaps “They” had brought them from the funny farm. I remember years ago working in a returning office and the people that came in and said they wanted to vote–some kind person had bought them beer and then told them to go vote for the Liberal. Some things never change.

Connie Cattle

If I never see him make another public appearance between now and Oct 21 I will not be upset.
He is a disgrace not only to his office but as a man. Fake Feminist, liar, corrupt politician.