FAIL: Trudeau Government ‘Western Canada Agriculture Tour’ Skipping Saskatchewan

Another fail by the Trudeau government.

Saskatchewan is the biggest agri-goods exporter in Canada.

Yet, the Trudeau government apparently doesn’t plan to visit Saskatchewan on the tour, which was pointed out by Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe:

“How do you even do an agriculture tour in western Canada without coming to Saskatchewan?”

Here’s what the government had said about the tour in a press release:

“Today, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude Bibeau, announced that she will embark on her first agricultural tour. Minister Bibeau will meet with farmers, processors and industry leaders, as well as participate in local agricultural events to highlight strategic federal agricultural investments and programs and how they will help to build an even stronger and more innovative sector for Canada.

The tour begins on March 11 in Vernon, British Columbia and ends on March 13 in Winnipeg, Manitoba with stops in Kelowna, B.C. and Calgary, Alberta.”

It’s a huge oversight, and many people are seeing it as ‘punishment’ for Saskatchewan’s steadfast opposition to the Carbon Tax.

The Trudeau government can’t get anything right.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Of course it is punishment. Deliberate and shallow. Trudeau throwing another petty childish hissy fit, just like he did by taking away the Testing program from Cold Lake Military Base.

I’m the big powerful PM and I am going to show those horrible Canadians in Western Canada who is boss.

Ripper Oakley

How incredibly childish?
This clown of a Prime Minister is making us look like imbeciles.

John Trainor

Hardly punishment……what farmer has the time to listen to some Quebecois appointee…and its hilarious the Libs are stopping in Vernon and Kelowna BC……..30 miles apart in the Okanagan valley where soft fruits and vineyards do well without federal interference….Trudeau is afraid to face the prairie rath again,

Eleanor Merkus

Except…we know who the real imbecile is!!

Eric Blair

Vernon and Kelowna… why they are only about 30 miles apart. Sounds more like a ski holiday to me. How many farms are there in Calgary? Why not visit smaller towns where there are farmers/ranchers. Oh wait… they are no liberals there.


She can fly right over Alberta as well. She is not welcome.

gerald leat

put her on a train, let her count all the wheat cars sidelined by all the empty oil cars.


Same old, same old. The non answer can be found in Trudeau’s word salad reply to a young child.

R William Donaldson

Do tell us when the schedule is amended to include Saskatchewan. Clearly Butts isn’t around to fix this clownery.


I’m surprised she’s stopping in Calgary.


Stupid! Shocking! Disgusting! Treasonous!! Trudeau is a FRAUD of the highest order.

Arie Intveld

Here’s a thought … when Marie-Claude Bibeau’s tour hits Calgary, only have oil and gas industry workers and canola farmers from Saskatchewan attend her event.


So we are Canada’s “Fly-over state”. Excellent.. May G_d Bless and keep the Czar, Far away from us!


That must make Ralph Goodfornothing feel inconsequential as far as Trudeau is concerned.

Roger Duchou

Simple solution, at every stop, when she (oops IT must stay gender neutral) starts to speak, every one should stand up and turn their backs. Loud strong message!!