VIDEO: Trudeau’s Supplicant Attorney General Refuses To Say Election Is ‘Inappropriate’ Reason To Intervene In Prosecution

He’s clearly leaving the door open to giving SNC-Lavalin a Deferred Prosecution, and using political considerations as a ‘justification.’

A recent video received some attention, but flew under the radar in much of the country.

Yet, it has huge implications, and everyone needs to see it.

It was an interview between David Lametti – Trudeau’s supplicant attorney general – and respected reporter Mercedes Stephenson.

She asked him a clear question: Is ‘an election’ an appropriate or inappropriate reason to intervene in a federal prosecution.

Of course, under the law, the answer is clearly a big ‘no.’

Political considerations – such as electoral success or failure – must be kept separate from prosecutorial decisions. If that doesn’t happen, then we don’t have a real justice system, and we don’t have a real democracy.

Yet, when asked that simple question, Lametti failed miserably:

Stephenson even gave him a second chance to answer it after he failed the first time. He couldn’t do it.

Or more realistically, he wouldn’t do it.

And that’s because he seems to know exactly why he’s got that job now.

Jody Wilson-Raybould wouldn’t give SNC-Lavalin a deferred prosecution. She was pressured repeatedly. She stood strong and kept to her decision (which Trudeau claimed was hers to make).

Yet, when she didn’t make the decision Trudeau and the corrupt elites wanted, they replaced her.

And now Lametti is in the role, leaving the door open to a DPA – even under the influence of political considerations like winning elections.

This is an incredibly disturbing moment for Canada, and every Canadian needs to see this clip to see how far our governance has fallen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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peter black

The government interference. continues. Get the RCMP on this and OECD better step in and rout out Quebec corruption which is RAMPANT. Even the CRA should be birddogging all these crooks.


This is how the Liberals do things and they’ve been doing it for years. They are sneaky. They sneak unpopular or illegal moves to benefit themselves by us all when the general public knows as little about it all as possible. It’s amazing that Canadians forgot what it was like the last time the Liberals were in power. They just had to elect Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party. The Liberals didn’t even clean up their act from the last time.

Don Piche

For some strange reason I keep hearing SGT Schultz’ voice from Hogan’sHero’s stating his immortalised spiel – “I SEE NOTHING, I HEAR NOTHING, I KNOW NOTHING…!!!! Surely I’m not alone in this??!!!

Allen Burrell

Oh yes….the Dictators new clothes. Seems JWR was told little ‘tator would get it done one way or the other. Find myself wondering why no response from the Director of the RCMP to Scheer’s letter and letters from those 5 former Attorney Generals. I believe libtard think it will all blow over and Canadian will forget as memories diminish. The Turd and the Herd need to go.